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  • Shipping Boxes
    Corrugated Shipping Boxes available in stock sizes or custom design. Stock sizes are available for same day delivery in most areas. Call for your order today. Call us now - 877.808.4698
  • Wooden Crates
    #1 MFG. in So. Cal. for Heat Treated ( ISPM-15 ) Wood Crates. Industrial, AeroSpace, Commercial, Trade Show -- Call us now for Free Delivery and Quote. 877.808.4698
  • Wooden Crates
    Wood Crates for Industrial, Commercial, Trade Shows. We use Heat Treated (HT - ISPM_15) rated material only. Our #1 mfg in So. Cal. is available immediately to build your next crate. Call us now - 877.808.4698
  • Shipping boxes
    Corrugated Shipping Boxes available in stock sizes or custom design. Stock sizes are available for same day delivery in most areas. Call for your order today. Call us now - 877.808.4698
  • Bubble Cushioning
    Bubble available in special discount pricing. Comes in rolls of 12" , 24" , 48" and 72" - Perforation included if requested. Get your Bubble Here. Call us now - 877.808.4698
  • Shipping Tape
    Tape available in special discount pricing. Comes in cases and plenty inventory available. Next Day delivery. - Call us now - 877.808.4698

HT Wood Crates and custom pallets for industrial needs, or trade shows, our wooden crates and shipping boxes are personally delivered by BlueRose Packaging ensure a safe transport of your Industrial, Aerospace, Medical, Commercial products. Proper engineering to your specifications, ensuring optimum protection is our #1 focus. Where you can find our box manufacture and crate manufacture facilities for wooden crates and shipping boxes is fully equipped with tools to build your wood and foam requirements. HT Wood Crates, combined with proper foam inserts will ensure your valuable contents arrive the same condition as they were shipped. We're the leading Shipping Box Manufacturer and Wood Crate Manufacture in Southern California. Find out why BlueRose Packaging is the most preferred supplier in Southern California and DUNS Platinum Accredited.Email us for your quote for part time help in your warehouse, office, or yard. Corrugated Manufacturer of boxes - Shipping Boxes - We'll provide manufacture direct prices on all shipping boxes, and when you need that custom size shipping box, plain or with your print, our corrugated box manufacturers will print and we'll pass the huge savings to you. We believe our quality service of quality shipping boxes and wood crate products will keep your shipping costs competitive. We know, if we can keep your cost down on shipping boxes, you'll increase your sales, image and margins. We can print and label your shipping boxes to improve your business image.Our Custom Wood Crates, With or without custom foam from our in house foam molding division, or your need for our ever popular custom industrial pallet section, we'll deliver small or large orders on demand, usually within a minimum of 2 working days, and can schedule periodic intervals to meet your high demand, but minimize your on-prem inventory, due to your limited storage space. Call us now 877-808-4698 or email to: to work out the BEST program for your business!

Shipping Boxes, Custom Pallets, Wooden Crates are the core items to getting your products delivered safely. When you shop for shipping boxes, you'll want to search for corrugated cartons that are strong enough. Corrugated shipping boxes can be provided in different crush test and density measurements. Large Boxes and Small Boxes can vary in crush test and density. The weight of your contents, and the type of courier or transporting method will determine what your shipping box will need to be. In some cases, the shipping box won't be enough and our next step to provide you is our manufacturing capabilities to custom build a shipping crate or wooden crate for a more securing solution. Whether the Shipping box, pallets or the wooden crate is determined, you can count on your number 1 shipping boxes and wooden crates manufacturer in southern california.

With over 2000 sizes of cardboard boxes, we’re sure to have a size that suits your needs. All of our shipping boxes are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Compare our prices to other suppliers and you’ll see why we are the #1 Box Supplier and Price Leader.Our most popular Cardboard Boxes are the standard Small, Medium and Large Corrugated Boxes. Our Shipping boxes are made from either 200lb. test, 32ECT and gradual categories up to 300lb Triple Wall corrugated material, standard Kraft or brown color, but can come in #1, #3 White, even with custom print, up to 3 colors. These are the type of boxes where the flaps meet in the middle and must be taped closed. All corrugated boxes are shipped “knocked-down” flat to save on delivery and storage costs. The prices shown on all of our Cardboard Boxes are PER BOX, but you must order in bundle quantities.

Moving Boxes are a rapidly growing product line for BlueRose Packaging Crates and Boxes. If you’re moving your office, house or apartment, don’t overpay for your Moving Boxes. Many moving companies purchase their shipping boxes from BlueRose Packaging and then mark them up to their customers. Why not buy them from their supplier – BlueRose Packaging? Our most popular Moving and Shipping boxes are our Large Boxes. As your #1 Box Manufacture in Southern California, you can quickly realize the low cost you'll get from BlueRose Packaging. Email us now for a quote:

Corrugated box manufacturing can be a complicated and in depth process. It involves matching up the right corrugated manufacturer to the right customer project. There are also many different types and styles of corrugated boxes including regular slotted containers (RSC), half slotted containers (HSC), rolled end tuck tops (RETT), rolled end tuck tops with dust flaps and cherry locks (RETTDFCL), and many, many more. The fluting of the corrugated box also helps in determining how much strength you will need in your box. The most commonly used corrugated fluting is C Flute for shipping boxes, E flute for litho laminating, and B flute for trays. You can also print on corrugated packaging. Either a direct print, litho label, or laminating the litho right to the fluting (also called single face laminating). A basic corrugated box is a single wall box. Single wall boxes consist of two liners and one medium. The medium is the "fluting" of the box. By increasing the thickness or doubling the quantity of the liners, a corrugated box will have greater strength.

Although anybody can supply stock packaging and shipping materials not just anyone can provide the customer service and expedient delivery that BlueRose Packaging & Crates does. Due to today's economic status cost for the materials has become a major focus for companies that want to stay in business and remain competitive. However, low prices can also mean poor service. Our prices may not always be the lowest but our customer service is always the highest. Our approach is to provide you with the materials you need at an affordable price with customer service that is unparalleled. So we can be there for you today as well as tomorrow.Here are some of the basic supplies:

    Boxes and mailers
  • Over 1,500 stock size cartons, endless custom solutions, 4 color process to full litho. Corrugated & folding cartons.
  • Bags and Pouches
  • Flat and zip lock poly bags, poly and bubble mailers, custom sizes and printing
  • Tape and Strapping
  • From carton sealing to industrial applications, specialty to decorative.
  • Stretch Wrap and Kraft Wraps
  • Stretch films of all dimensions and gauges, kraft wraps, bubble and foam.
  • Cushioning and Dunnage
  • Foam and Bubble, edge protection and void fill

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Your Bubble Wrap, either standard clear, or anti static bubble wrap, or same with other cushions, we have direct manufacturer Bubble Wrap, Foam and cushioning for your order. Shipping Bubble & Packing. Bubble Wrap is the ideal way to protect your valuables from getting damaged during shipping.

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