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Bubble Wrap

Our Blow Out Pricing on BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material can not be matched by your local competition:
Bubble WrapBubble WrapBubble Wrap 
               3/16"  Small , 5/16" Medium,  1/2" Large  BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material   

Bubble WrapBubble WrapBubble Wrap

BlueRose Packaging has every option in BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material, that you could need. Whether you need bubble wrap for cushioning your shipping or for storage, we are direct from the notable industry bubble wrap manufactures. You can order it in BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material rolls, bundles, perforated and split to the conventional sizes, 12" roll, 24" roll, 48 or 72" rolls.  You just tell us, and we'll cut it to your requirement.  BlueRose BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material is offered in clear, or anti-static.

BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material should be used to cushion packaged items that are sensitive to shock.  Density of your BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material choice is usually measured in size of the Bubble.  For heavier items, use small BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material, and for the lighter packaged items, use the large BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material.

BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material is a great all use packing material. It doesn't cost a lot of money, and it is provides a thick shield to make sure your home goods are not broken. The small bubbles provide the strongest, most flexible protection available in the industry. 

Why Is Small BUBBLE WRAP®  cushioning material So Widely Recommended?


Smaller bubble rolls provide the most protection from damages, they are the strongest size to use, and the flexibility of the product makes it easy to wrap around anything.

In addition, the small size takes up the least amount of room in your cartons so you don't need to use as many moving boxes. This saves you money. You will also save money by using crumpled paper to fill up your boxes versus over wrapping each item.

Good Rule of Thumb: If you only use one size of bubble, the 3/16 size can work well with almost anything. It's flexible, pliable and offers the most protection.

TIP: Be sure to place the bubble side around your belonging and the flat side away from the item you are packing

FYI: There is electronic wrap called  "anti static bubble," which is pink in color. Although this speciality item does prevent some of the static energy that can damage electronics, it is not 100%. Other moving supplies have no static and are better used such as; foam or packing paper. 



  • Bubble rolls perforated every 12" or 24"  for easy tear convenience
  • Available  in 12" / 24" /  48" / 72" widths
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Small bubble is ideal for protecting small, lightweight and fragile items
  • Larger bubble can be used as void fill or protection of larger items


Packaging of goods for sale, parcel for delivery and gifts is very important. The safety delivery of your goods depends to a large extent on the type of packaging you use. When goods are moved from place to place, the can sustain scratches due to shocks. Exposure to some weather condition like humidity and rain can also damage goods and other parcels before they reach to their final destination. Using a good packaging material like air bubble packaging material is sine qua none for the safety delivery of goods. air bubble packaging is gradually becoming popular than other packaging material thanks to the benefits derived from their use. It was in first discovered in Europe in 1970. It is made of polymeric materials that have little pockets of air entangled in between layers of two polyethylene film. One of the benefits of this type of packaging is the protection it provides for goods packaged with it. The polymeric materials used in producing air bubble packaging gives a wonderful cushioning effect that can withstand shock when goods are conveyed from one location to another.

Shocks can result in breakage of fragile goods and scratches on some goods. Many business men have experienced huge financial loss due such terrible occurrence. If you are involved in the exportation and importation of goods, you will never understand the important of sound packaging until you experience such a disaster. However, you do not need to experience such disaster before you will appreciate using air bubble packaging to protect your goods against shock. A wise man will always learn from the experience of other people. Besides, using good packaging brings out the beauty of your product. If you have seen goods package with air bubble material, you will appreciate the beauty it radiates. This packaging material presents a beautiful sight and good image of your goods. One of the best packaging materials for packaging goods that can be destroyed by rain and other humid weather condition is air bubble packaging. The material is water resistant. So, if you are taking some importance documents to a client, it is advisable that you package them with this type of material.

It will protect the parcel against rain and humid condition. The flexibility of air bubble packaging materials gives them advantage over other packaging material. They can easily take the shape of any items you want to package with them. Besides, since they are light and flexible, packaging with them is very easy. Some packing materials are very hard to be folded. But air bubble packaging is very light. So, you do not need to suffer yourself trying to fold the materials. The economic recession in the world today has forced many people to look for ways of cutting cost. Packaging of goods also takes some money from many firms. You can cut cost by using air bubble packaging. They are cost effective. Their being affordable has nothing to do with their effectiveness and quality. You will get value for your money by using them. You can visit Blue Rose Packaging for your air bubble packaging.

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