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Shipping Supplies are a necessity for most business owners who plan to do some form of exporting to its customers. Shipping Supplies go beyond the limit of just Shipping boxes or Wooden Containers and Packing Tape, however. The products you may not think about using are Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, Styrofoam Blocks or pieces, Shrink Wrap, Cast Stretch Film, Cast Stretch Wrap, Cushions and Foam, even Heat Treated (HT) Wooden Crates. Each of these items can be used to provide proper Packaging for items your business needs to Ship to its customers, while helping your customers receive their purchases in a timely, well preserved manner. These types of Shipping Supplies are used to keep products safe by absorbing shock and providing a Cushion for the products, if they should receive improper handling when they are no longer in your possession.
You now have access to all the boxes you ever imagined: Corrugated Boxes, Gift Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Moving Boxes, and more. We also offer every tape and tool used for packing, shipping and mailing - wholesale and retail. Whether you need one box or 10 thousand boxes, stock boxes or custom size boxes ... we have what you are looking for. We even make custom boxes with your print to suit your specific needs. You are the most important person in BlueRose Packaging & Crates!

We offer the widest selection at near wholesale prices in LA & Orange County from corrugated shipping boxes to shipping supplies, mattress bags, wardrobe moving boxes and bubble packs, steel strapping and poly strapping.

We offer packaging, cargo wooden crates, fulfillment, gift wrapping and shipping services to anywhere in the world. With over 20 years of experience, we can handle almost anything.

We are dedicated to meeting the packaging needs of businesses both large and small every day by providing companies custom packaging services and a vast selection of quality wholesale packaging materials. Over 2000 products in all!

We are the most experienced Wood Crates and Shipping Boxes manufacturers and wholesale and retail distributors of packaging material, container, Strapping, and shipping room supplies. Bubble Wrap, Shipping tape, Stretch Film, Shipping Boxes, and more in Orange County. BlueRose Packaging wholesale account customers enjoy special pricing and fast free Free Local Delivery with minimum purchase. Call for Details.

The proper way to use Shipping Supplies is to start by Wrapping the item in Shrink Wrap or Stretch Film, to ensure it does not lose any pieces or to ensure any small parts won’t become detached during the transition to the new owner. Choose a Corrugate Box or Container, or even a Wood Crate for Trade Show or Machine Crate which will hold the item and a substantial amount of protection in it. Having an item which is cramped into a smaller Box can be harmful to the product if it is dropped.

Place some of the Protective Stuffing into the bottom of the Shipping Box or Container, or even a Wooden Crate, place the item you are shipping into the middle of the box and continue to Cushion it with more Foam and Stretch Wrapping or Styrofoam around the sides and on top of the item. Gently shake the Box to ensure if the Padding should settle, the item is not left exposed on one or more sides. If it does appear settling will be a problem, add more Stuffing to the Box. Once you have finished with the middle of the Boxes, close it and apply a generous amount of Packing Tape and Caution Labels. This will ensure the Corrugate Box or Container, or even a Wood Crate does not open during the transition. Remember when shipping an item, you can never be too careful or over protective for your customer’s merchandise.

Those ordering Shipping Supplies from us will be thrilled to know we offer free regional Shipping on all products. So, not only will you be getting the convenience of ordering online, our bulk rate prices and fast delivery but you’ll also get it all for no additional charge!
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