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Wood crates and foam packaging manufactured in So.California and is strategically located for quick service and free delivery.Your Package Material Products for any Packaging need, whether standard or custom, for domestic or international, will be delivered at an expedite schedule, at a near WHOLESALE cost, and with the “BEST IN CLASS SERVICE.”

BlueRose Packaging does not sacrifice Quality or Value Added Service. Although our highest standards are far above others, we still know we have to “EARN” your business.If you line us up with Carton Sealing Tape competitors, you’ll quickly realize BlueRose Packaging & Shipping Supplies value and costs are unbelievable.ASK US About: JIT(JUST IN TIME) and SUPPLY CHAIN FULFILLMENT BlueRose Packaging & Shipping Supplies, the distributor that “earns” customer loyalty from service, quality, and cost.

With over 125,000, direct from Packaging Supplies manufacturer Products of, Poly Bags, Wood Crates for Trade Shows, or just content transport Wooden Crates. You may only need a Shipping Box. You will receive close to wholesale prices on your selections. Here’s something to remember. I will quote you the most up to date price on Bubble Wrap, Shipping Labels, Packaging Boxes, or more, because the quote comes to me directly from the manufacturer. I won’t place out-dated prices on this site.

With recurring volumes, I will work with you on a custom arrangement to purchase larger volumes and take benefit of the lower costs, and we will set up monthly / recurring billing.

Our expertise and access to any specialty resource, provides you with a single “one-stop” provider, and from your accountants stand point, a single point for all your shipping accounting expenditures.

Dependable Service and Products

BlueRose Packaging & Shipping Supplies will follow through to completion in a timely manner. If necessary, we will find answers and provide options for your project. We are not just another Packaging Supplier in LA or OC.
Most Shipping Material companies will sell, but, BlueRose Packaging Sells and Services with Products like, Shipping Tape, Carton Sealing Tapes, BubbleWrap, PolyStrapping and Shipping Labels, Wooden Crates for Trade Shows.
Mail us: bluerose@bluerosepackaging.com

Wooden Crates are your correct choice when small Cardboard Corrugated Boxes just won’t work, so, turning to using larger Wooden Crates for your shipping and moving needs. When using Shipping Boxes made of thin Cardboard or Plastic, or Containers, the Shipping Boxes can be easily destroyed and can damage the goods being stored. This can be damaging for the products and for your business when a customer does not appreciate a damaged or broken item they have purchased. Heat Treated (HT) Wooden Crates(CARB Compliant can help you to ship larger items or multiple items at the same time, while protecting the items from being damaged by being dropped or being hit by other items.
Wooden Crates, combined with the proper Foam inserts in the Wooden Crates, will ensure your valuable Machinery and products ship to your customer fully intact. Plastic Crates (i.e. Plastic Corrugated Crates) can also be made to substitute for Corrugated Crating / Crates to provide greater Protection from fork lifts and falling packages. We employ the resources of the leading Wood Crate and Plastic Crate manufacturers to help ensure your product is Packaged properly in Wood Crates. We will come On Site to evaluate your Crating needs and even provide In House Crating services along with JIT fulfillment and delivery, with locations in Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA, IE CA, Riverside County. Contact us for a free Wood Crate design consultation today.

As a major manufacturer located in Southern California, BLUEROSE PACKAGING & CRATES has the ability to design and fabricate packaging for large, heavy, fragile valuable items produced by aerospace, military, medical, computer and IT solutions, test equipment, and distribute globally.

Wood Crates can be used for more than Shipping items to a customer. They can also be utilized for Storing items not in use at the moment. Wooden crates are also more durable for longer Storage Units and less like to be damaged by outside elements (such as weather or to crack under pressure or weight from larger items). They are the most convenient and efficient form of protecting any item you may need to have protected. Wood Crates also come in a variety of sizes and styles, to fit all of your Crate needs. Wood Crates can be used to move furniture, Fish Tanks or even large Computer Components, such as towers. Wood Crates are especially necessary when you are in need of moving artwork or statues which can become damaged easily during travel from one display case or museum to another.

If you are concerned with scratching the surface of your merchandise, you may find it useful to purchase Pads, Blankets or Shrink Wrap or Stretch Film, or Foam - Molded Foam to cover your item before placing it within the Wood Crate. This will help ensure it remains undamaged in any way. It is always important to remember you can never be too careful when it comes to your merchandise or your treasures. Protecting your investments with Wooden Crates can help you rest easier and help your customers to appreciate you even more.

The wooden shipping crates available from Blue Rose Packaging are so versatile and reliable, that their shipping crates are used in several different industries including medical, dental, military, computer and IT, industrial, commercial, and even home uses. This is because of their strength, reliability, and ability to protect the most precious, fragile, and expensive items such as medical equipment, delicate antiques, and expensive computer and technologically advanced equipment. Blue Rose Packaging is a Southern California based company that designs and manufactures wood and plastic shipping crates, and will quickly and efficiently deliver your custom shipping crates to your home, business, or office for the least expensive rates online. Other packaging companies do not produce their own shipping crates, but instead purchase them from other shipping crate manufacturers, and thusly cannot offer you the same low prices that Blue Rose Packaging can every day.

Whether you are moving your treasured family heirlooms from your old home to the new one, sending a fragile package to a friend across the country, or your business needs a constant supply of the best shipping crates on the market, Blue Rose Packaging would be happy to be your supplier and creator of custom plastic or wood shipping crates. Along with any size, shape, or style of shipping crates you need, Blue Rose Packaging offers an entire line of packaging supplies, and has all of the packaging equipment that you could possibly need. From poly foam padding, loose filling,labels, and tape, to shipping crates made out of wood, plastic, and even corrugated cardboard, Blue Rose Packaging literally has it all or they will make it for you. Designing and manufacturing custom shipping crates is a specialty of Blue Rose Packaging, and they would be more than happy to help you figure out which shipping crates would be best for your needs, or even create custom shipping crates that are designed to your specifications to fulfill your packaging requirements.

The friendly customer service staff will gladly point you in the right direction to the cheapest solution, and will help you decide on the right materials for your shipping needs. Blue Rose Packaging is so dedicated to helping their clients with the purchasing of the right shipping crates for their needs, that they will custom build you the right shipping crates if they do not carry it in their extensive internet catalog. When it comes to protecting your fragile valuables, or expensive delicate equipment, do not settle for shipping crates that are anything less than immaculate, and go online to the Blue Rose Packaging website where you will inevitably find the perfect shipping crates that will meet all of your application's requirements. With products that have been heat treated, and tested to meet international shipping standards, you can depend on anything and everything that you purchase from Blue Rose Packaging and Crates. Before you ship anything anywhere, go online to Blue Rose Packaging's website and explore all of the options and benefits of the different shipping crates for sale.
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