Safe and appropriate packaging of products holds high importance especially when it comes to shipping, transportation, local deliveries, and even storage in inventory. Almost all industries require packaging when supplying their products. However, think of the packaging boxes segment, and their challenges are numerous as the products to be packed are of varied types in terms of consistency, shape, size, brittleness, and other parameters. So, packaging needs differ with each product, and hence getting custom made boxes is a wise choice. At BlueRose Packaging, we use specially engineered designs to make these custom boxes to suit specific requirements. We accept custom boxes wholesale orders and offer the best prices on the same. Our corrugated boxes are cost-effective and perhaps one of the most efficient packaging options for your product. We offer end-to-end services which also include printing the required content on your boxes which helps in branding and merchandising your product.

Features and Styles of Wholesale Custom Boxes at BlueRose Packaging

As a manufacturer or supply chain and delivery professional, you may require wholesale boxes, and we can provide them to you with all the required features and styles. Here are some features of our corrugated custom made boxes.

  • Our lightweight yet robust corrugated boxes are made of ecofriendly materials which can be reused or recycled.
  • Being experts at customization, our custom boxes are made considering several factors such as the type of product, exposure to environmental parameters, refrigeration requirements, brittleness of the product, product consistency, and so on. The thickness of the wall, shock and vibration resistance, heat resistance, wet strength, and other such factors are considered accordingly when designing the box.
  • Custom boxes are also about branding through the content printed on them. We offer you printed custom boxes after discussing the content and logo with your team. We offer various types of printing services.
  • We also offer special boxes of varied Mil-Specs. These military packaging custom boxes are designed complying to ASTM-D5118 standards.
  • Some players may require heavy duty boxes that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and even rain or other wet conditions and shipping bulky products. Whatever your requirement may be, we have you covered through our W5C, D5118, and WPA boxes.
  • Our full design manufacturing and warehousing services as well as on-time deliveries of custom boxes helps increase the client’s efficiency and time to market.
  • The board grade is decided on your application requirement, and it could be single, double, or triple walled based on the type of product. Generally, single walled boxes are used for packaging and storing retail items, double walled for heavyweight items, and triple walled boxes for packaging fragile or sensitive products.
  • These custom boxes can be availed in different flute profiles. The flute profiles indicate their thickness. The flutes are distinguished as A, B, C, E, and F depending on the thickness. Among these, the flute A is the thickest, and flute F, the least thick of all.  

Our Popular Custom Box Types/Styles

At BlueRose Packaging, we provide various types of custom made boxes in the following styles.

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC): This is one of the most popular styles of custom boxes offered by us. They feature four closure flaps each on the bottom and top. Of these two flaps are small and two are large. The larger flaps are folded outside and they meet in the middle, whereas the smaller flaps are folded inside.
  • Full Overlap Container (FOL): These boxes resemble RSC, however, the only difference is large outer flaps overlap the opening on folding.
  • Half Slotted Container (HSC): These containers feature no flaps on the top and may feature FOL or RSC flaps at the bottom. It is often used as an in-line transfer box or as a storage box along with a design style tray (DST) lid.
  • Five Panel Folder (5PF): It resembles FOL in structure on closure, and is widely used for packaging items that need to be arranged specifically.
  • Roll End Tuck Top (RETT):  This is another popular box style that features a lid flap on the top that tucks in the top of the box. RETT is the most common style for shipping, sales, as well as subscription boxes.

Benefits of Using Custom Boxes for Packaging

There are a number of benefits of using custom boxes, and more so if you partner with us for your packaging requirements. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our corrugated custom made boxes are environmentally friendly. They are made of corrugated material. At the end of their shelf life, you can simply fold the box and give it to a pulp and paper manufacturing unit for recycling.
  • Owing to their quality and custom build, these boxes can be used multiple times before discarding or sending them to recycling. You can store them flat when not in use.
  • Custom made boxes are in itself beneficial as they perfectly fit the size, shape and other requirements of product packaging.
  • We can provide these boxes in different stacking strengths, which makes them less space consuming during shipping.
  • When customized, you get to choose the right color, content, and so on which is important part of retail product packaging.
  • We always offer you a free sample based on your requirements before you confirm your bulk order. This helps fix any issues or make changes as required.

Applications of Custom Boxes

Our custom boxes wholesale are used in almost all industry segments for primarily three purposes- product packing, shipping and transportation, and special boxes for specific conditions or applications such as military. Here are some of the application areas:

  • All retail products ranging from cosmetics, consumer goods, electronics, and plastic to glassware, electrical, sanitary, and so on
  • Custom boxes for packaged products to be stacked up in a warehouse
  • Weather proof custom boxes for specific military and other mission critical applications
  • Boxes for storage in refrigerators or freezing temperatures
  • Food and healthcare compliant custom boxes
  • Transportation, shipping, and dispatch of product packages
  • Thick boxes for packaging glassware, watches, jewelry, and other fragile or breakable products.

Custom Boxes Frequently Asked Questions

While you may have a lot of questions on your mind regarding our custom boxes in terms of technicalities, pricing, and so on, we have answered some questions for you. Here are some of the FAQs.

  1. What is the turnaround you offer for your custom boxes?

For large volumes, we deliver in about 25 working days. For small volumes or samples, our turnaround times are less than a week. In case of complete customization, we will mention the turnaround time when we finalize the order, based on the volume, patterns, and so on. We stick to the mentioned timeframe and offer on-time deliveries.

  • Can we get wholesale boxes?

Yes, you can get wholesale boxes, and there is no limit on the volume or the types of boxes you choose based on size and shape. We offer best prices on bulk orders of custom boxes.

  • Can I custom print my own box?

We custom print your box exactly as per your specifications. This is done after thorough and multiple discussions with you. You can decide the specifications such as shape, size, board type, color, content printing, and so on, and we design accordingly. Only after your approval, we go ahead with the production.

  • Can I get a sample box before finalizing the order?

Yes, we offer a free sample before you finalize the order for mid and large volumes. The sample is also made based on your specifications. You may suggest changes at that stage, if required, and we will deliver accordingly.

  • What are the printing types you offer for your custom boxes?

We print the required content and logo on your boxes which helps in branding and marketing. We offer full color printing and various printing services such as flood coating, 1 through 5 color printing, and lithograph application.

Wholesale Custom Made Boxes for Your Application

As mentioned, we offer custom boxes at wholesale prices if you have a bulk requirement. Here are some options to be considered for the custom boxes wholesale category.

  • You can order a variety of boxes based on your requirement as you may need custom boxes of different shapes and sizes as well as other parameters such as thickness.
  • So, by wholesale we do not mean one type of box in large volumes, but a range of boxes you may need in bulk.
  • These boxes may be required for product packing for display in stores, shipping, and so on.
  • All you need to do is discuss and finalize your requirements with us and your order will be shipped quickly as we try to minimize turnaround times as much as possible, albeit without compromising on quality and accuracy.
  • Volume is not an issue for us. We are capable of handling large volumes for a variety of boxes or even a single pattern. Generally, for large volumes, we may require up to 20-25 business days to deliver, while small volumes or samples are delivered in less than a week.
  • Our boxes are made at our fully equipped facilities in Orange County and Riverside. You can get in touch with us for wholesale boxes in Orange County and Riverside, CA.

If you are into packaging, delivery, or overall supply chain of various materials or a manufacturer and supplier of products that are shipped regularly, you may need a packaging material which safeguards your packed products during shipping, transportation, and even in your warehouse. In this case, you can partner with us for all your packaging boxes as we can deliver custom made boxes to suit various specifications in terms of shape, size, dimensions, content printed, and so on. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer wholesale boxes at the best prices. We believe in customization and value over everything else. Our ability to assure fast turnaround and a high level of customization makes us the most popular manufacturer and supplier of wholesale boxes in Los Angeles, Orange Country, and Riverside, CA. Over the years, we have built a long client base in the US. In case you need to discuss your requirements, you can reach us by phone or email. We will be happy to offer any relevant assistance.