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BlueRose Packaging manufactures Custom Wood and Shipping Crates in Los Angeles, CA.

We are the expert leader in designing, producing, and manufacturing wood crates for all purposes. Our production team is able to design and custom build the perfect heavy duty wood shipping crate for any industrial, commercial, or military application with amazing lead times. Our production facilities are fully equipped and stocked with all the necessary supplies to create your custom shipping crates, storing boxes, trade show crates and wooden pallets.

Because your industry needs a reliable source to produce your shipping packaging, we design custom crates that will fit your products’ specific needs. Our crates and wooden boxes will ensure your products arrive in the same condition they were sent. We custom built to include any padding, bracing or specific compartments. Whether for medical and dental equipment, glass valuables and other fragile items, our experts can guide you to create standard or custom durable crates to protect your goods.

Heat Treated Shipping Wood Crates

BlueRose Packaging has extensive experience in the design of international wooden export ISPM 15 export certified for wood packing material requirements.

As the demand for exporting goods grow, many companies are in need of heat treated wood crates. That is why BlueRose Packaging stocks HT wood in order to keep up with the demand and to fulfill your orders without delays. No matter what industry and need, BlueRose Packaging has the right option for you or your business. We manufacture Heat Treated wooden crates, complying with the ISPM-15 criteria and “bark free” crates for exporting to specific locations.

ISPM 15 is a standard developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat solid wood materials used to manufacture international shipping crates. IPPC governs all wood packaging material (pallets, crates, dunnages, etc) destined for export packaging, required to be treated with heat or fumigated with methyl bromide and marked with a seal of compliance. This seal of compliance is often referred to as the “bug stamp, or HT Stamp.”

We are completely stocked with all of the materials needed to produce any number of different sized, custom HT wood crates, with different padding options, inner separators or shelves. This is because BlueRose Packaging expertly builds their own quality custom wood crates.

Wood Crates is the only solution when cardboard or plastic crates just won’t do. We build reliable, high quality wood shipping crates of any size. BlueRose Packaging is the premier crate manufacturer in Orange and LA County, CA, and packaging supply company.