Anti-Static Bubble Rolls
Anti-Static Bubble Rolls

When it comes to shipping and storing fragile items, ensuring their safety is of utmost importance. That’s where bubble cushioning wrap comes to the rescue. Bubble cushioning wrap is a versatile and reliable packaging material designed to provide excellent protection against impacts, shocks, and vibrations during transit or storage.

At BlueRose Packaging, we take pride in providing you with top-quality bubble cushioning wrap that is meticulously engineered to protect your valuable products. Our bubble cushioning wrap features a unique design and exceptional cushioning properties, offering a layer of air-filled bubbles that serve as a robust barrier against any potential damage. Rest assured, your items will reach their destination intact and in optimal condition.

When you choose BlueRose Packaging, you gain access to premium bubble cushion wrap rolls and foam sheets. These high-quality materials allow you to safely wrap your products, providing an added layer of protection during shipping. Our bubble cushioning wrap is designed to meet the highest standards of durability and reliability, ensuring that your items are well-secured and shielded from any external impacts or jostling.

With BlueRose Packaging, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable products are in safe hands. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our superior packaging solutions, ensures that your items are protected throughout their entire journey. Trust BlueRose Packaging for all your bubble cushioning wrap needs, and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Our collection also features anti-static treated cushioning products that are extremely useful for shipping sensitive electronics items. Over the years, BlueRose Packaging has emerged as one of the leading bubble cushioning wrap wholesale supplier in the US. We understand our customers’ packaging requirements and have always strived to give them what they want. We can easily customize our cushioning products to meet your specific packaging requirements. We provide a broad selection of biodegradable wrap materials, which have gained immense popularity in recent years. Call us today to discuss your packaging needs and we will help you get exactly the protection needed for your product specifications. We also specialize in wholesale bubble cushioning wrap, which allows our clients to save on their bubble cushioning wrap packaging investments.

Specifications and Important Information on Bubble Cushion Rolls Offered by BlueRose Packaging

Because packing your product safely for shipping is critical to successfully completing any sale, BlueRose Packaging is We provide industrial bubble cushioning wrap in the following specifications.

Bubble Table Standard Rolls Options Bubble Size Length Of Roll Standard Perforation Options Call Now – 877.808.4698
48” 12” (4 rolls)
24″ (2 rolls)
48″ (1 rolls)
1/2″ 250, 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
5/16” 375’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
3/16” 750’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
1/8” 750’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
72” 12” (6 rolls)
24″ (3 rolls)
36″ (2 rolls)
72″ (1 rolls)
1/2″ 250, 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
5/16” 375’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
3/16” 750’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%
1/8” 750’ 12” / 24” Special today – 25%

Wholesale Bubble Cushioning Wraps

Being a wholesale bubble cushioning Wrap supplier, we assure excellent discounts on bulk purchases. This allows purchasers to buy these industrial BUBBLE Cushioning Wraps in large quantities at low prices. You can choose the rolls in different bubble heights, perforation, roll sizes, and other options to meet your surface protection, cushioning, and void fill needs. You can get in touch with our team today to discuss your wholesale bubble cushioning wrap requirements. Our team would happily assist you with the right selection.

Types of Industrial Bubble Cushioning Wraps Offered by BlueRose Packaging

Our selection features the following types of industrial bubble cushioning wraps:

  • Bubble Rolls:  Bubble packaging is widely used across industries for wrapping and packaging different products. The bubble cushioning wraps feature hundreds of air pockets, which are encased in the layers of polythene and this provides excellent protection and cushioning properties. When offered as rolls, bubble cushioning wraps are known as bubble rolls. These bubble cushioning wrap rolls can be easily cut to any length and can be used to protect a broad range of items. The bubble roll wraps are offered in different thicknesses to pack lightweight to heavyweight items. For instance, 40-micron wraps are chosen for protecting and wrapping lightweight products, 55 microns for wrapping heavy products that may have sharp corners and 75 microns to wrap extremely heavy or fragile items, and so on.
  • Biodegradable Bubble Rolls:  As the name suggests, the bubble roll wraps are made of biodegradable materials. These wraps help protect your products from damage during transportation and storage. Our biodegradable bubble roll wraps help reduce the environmental impact while reducing your shipping costs and product recalls.
  • Anti-static Bubble Rolls: As the name suggests, the bubble rolls are anti-static in nature, and thus are more commonly used to package and protect delicate electronic components. These wraps prevent the electronic components from static discharge, and provide surface protection, as well as light cushioning to products, and are moisture resistant.

Custom Options Available

We can provide industrial bubble rolls in various sizes to meet your application requirements. For additional protection, the rolls can be laminated with films such as LDPE, MPET, and so on. These laminated rolls are offered as metallized bubble rolls, sheets, and pouches. The metallized bubbles can be converted into liners for wood crates and cardboard crates. We can provide these rolls in custom perforations at slight additional charges. The anti-static foam rolls are offered on 20 roll minimum.

  • 15% upcharge on custom perforations (4″ minimum)
  • 10% upcharge on custom rolls/splits (4″ – 6″ minimum)
  • 15% upcharge on custom rolls/splits (7″ – 11″ minimum)
  • 15% upcharge on anti-static bubble

Benefits of Industrial Bubble Cushioning Wraps

BlueRose Packaging has been catering to its client demands with various packaging materials for several years now. Bubble cushioning wraps are one of our popular packaging materials due to the following reasons:

  • Excellent Insulation Properties: These wraps offer excellent insulation against impact. They help keep fragile and delicate goods safe during transportation. Rough handling is one of the key concerns for manufacturers and suppliers during freight transit. Bubble cushioning wraps are used to protect the goods during such transits. The sealed air bubbles offer excellent cushioning to wrapped goods. We regularly design and provide sturdy corrugated boxes for storage and transportation. These boxes combined with the bubble cushioning wraps offer excellent protection to goods stored inside.
  • Lightweight: Bubble cushioning wraps feature bubbles and is made of lightweight plastic material. Although the material contributes to its durability, it adds no weight to the consignment. This is why it is an effective, yet a lightweight option to secure materials during shipping.
  • Reusable: We provide good quality bubble roll wraps and foam roll wraps, which can be used multiple times before throwing away. These wraps are not only used for shipping, but they also help secure fragile items safely during storage. If the bubbles are intact, they will assure protection to products wrapped in them. Owing to their high reusability, these packaging items do not end up in landfills like several other packaging items. This makes them environment friendly, too. Adding to it, nowadays, you can find eco-friendly or biodegradable bubble roll wraps. We offer one of the appreciable selections of these roll wraps.
  • Versatility: Although manufacturers and suppliers use it as a protective item, many recipients use them as insulators around their homes! Bubble cushioning wraps are also considered great stress busters by many people. If not used for wrapping a delicate item, many people use them as a stress buster because the bubbles on popping produce a sound.
  • Flexibility: At BlueRose Packaging, we provide these bubble cushioning wrap rolls and foam cushion rolls in various sizes. They can be easily customized to meet your cargo requirements. We can easily provide them in small sizes to accommodate your small cargo or big sizes to accommodate odd shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Industrial Bubble Cushioning Wraps

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the industrial bubble cushioning wraps.

  • What are the popular bubble cushioning wrap roll sizes available with you?We provide bubble cushioning wrap rolls in different bubble diameters and thicknesses. Some typical sizes include:
    • 1/8 Inches Thick: These are small bubbles, which are widely used for protecting items from being scraped or scratched while shipping. They are generally used to protect screens of handheld electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, and lightweight devices from scratches.
    • 3/16- Inches Thick, 3/8 Inches Diameter: These are large bubble sizes and are generally chosen for medium-weight items. They offer great protection by cushioning the items.
    • 5/16-Inches Thick, 1-Inches Thick Diameter: These are medium-sized bubbles, which are generally used for filling voids. They provide additional protection and are good for absorbing drops.
    • ½ – Inches Thick, 1 ¼ – Inches Diameter: These are large-sized bubbles that are used for filling large voids.
  • How much bubble cushioning wrap is generally needed to wrap my product?It depends on the types of items being wrapped. As a right-hand thumb rule, you need to shake the packaged box gently to check for the sound. The item will move inside the box if there are free spaces. However, if enough material is used then you shouldn’t hear this sound.
  • What are the applications of bubble cushioning wrap rolls?They are used for void-filling, cushioning, interleaving, and anti-abrasion. As bubble cushioning wrap wholesale suppliers, we generally provide bubble cushioning wrap rolls to package and protect the following items.
    • Sensitive Items: Electronics and electrical items are one of the most sensitive items used. Even a small knock on them can result in irreversible damage. We provide anti-static bubble and roll wraps free from the static electrical charge. Wrapping electronics and electrical items in anti-static bubble and roll wraps will help protect the products from fall and electro-static discharge.
    • Delicate Keepsake Items: Bubble cushioning wrap rolls are effective for packaging delicate keepsake items such as precious books, family heirlooms, and so on.
    • Furniture: Today, most people purchase their furniture online. Glass furniture needs to be handled carefully, so, it is neatly wrapped in bubble cushioning wrap rolls for protection from scratches or other damages during shipping.
    • Fragile Items: Like furniture, many people purchase glasses, chinaware, artworks, figurines, and paintings online. These items are extremely delicate and may get damaged due to irresponsible action. Thus, they are neatly packaged in bubble cushioning wraps or roll wraps before shipping.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Bubble Cushioning Wrap for Your Application

Industrial bubble cushioning wraps are available in various sizes and types. However, not all may be suited for your application. The following tips will help you choose the right industrial bubble cushioning wrap for your application.

  • Small or Large Bubbles: Large bubbles are ideal for packaging large items, whereas small bubbles are suited for small items. Generally, large bubbles are 1″ wide and ½” high and small bubbles are 3/16″ high. You can consider the airspace between the box wall and product when deciding on small and large bubbles. If there is a large gap, the product will float more and be easily affected by the impact. To avoid this, you can use bubble cushioning wraps with large bubbles to fill the space. However, if the product is small and the space is small, you can easily choose small bubbles. They will form a thin protective layer around the product.
  • Length and Width of Rolls: This decision becomes easy if you are familiar with your packaging needs. We provide small and large bubble industrial bubble cushioning wraps in various sizes. We provide bubble cushioning wrap rolls in widths such as 12″, 24″, and 48″. The choice of the right roll width will depend on your usage. It is always recommended to use the rolls with maximum width to minimize the wrap waste. You can cut these rolls into small pieces to fit the product being wrapped.
  • Type of Product Being Wrapped: Bubble and foam wrap rolls can be used to wrap a wide range of products in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Bubble cushioning wrap rolls and foam wrap rolls do not leave any scratch marks on delicate items. However, not all rolls may be suited for all types of products. For instance, anti-static bubble cushioning Wraps are more appropriate for packaging delicate electronic items than artifacts. Similarly, heavy duty roll wraps are more appropriate for shipping items that may endure challenging shipping conditions. Biodegradable bubble cushioning wraps are suited for all products, however, they are more appropriate for wrapping eco-friendly items, and so on.

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