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Secure packaging is crucial when a product is transported or shipped to ensure it reaches the consumer without any damages. A product before being packed in its normal cardboard package is tied in a packing foam roll and sealed.

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    Secure packaging is crucial when a product is transported or shipped to ensure it reaches the consumer without any damages. A product before being packed in its normal cardboard package is tied in a packing foam roll and sealed. The packing foam is made from low density polymer, usually styrene, and is widely used in packaging of fragile or breakable items such as electronic appliances, chips, glassware, and so on. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide packing foam rolls in different lengths and types. We offer customized as well as standard packing foam rolls, which helps you choose based on the type of product. Our anti-static packing foam rolls secure and cushion all the sensitive electronic items.

    Types of Packing Foam Rolls Provided by BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, we specialize in a wide range of packing foam rolls. The following are a few popular ones among them.

    • Polyethylene Foam Rolls: This is a closed-cell foam, which can resist rot, mildew, mold, as well as bacteria. Polyethylene foam rolls are more appropriate for packaging items that have low fragility. However, it can also be used for packaging extremely fragile items. We can provide polyethylene foam in different thicknesses and densities to meet your application requirements.
    • Polyurethane Foam Rolls: This foam has an open cell construction and is widely used for various applications that require protective packaging. Polyurethane foam is ideal for packaging products that are light and small, and stand chances of damage due to shocks, vibrations, and other factors. We can provide polyurethane foam rolls in different firmness and densities to meet your application requirements.
    • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Rolls: The foam is known for its closed cell construction and is often chosen for applications that require durable, lightweight, and thermal insulating packaging. The packaging foam can be used for void fill, cushioning, and offers immense protection to the products.
    • Anti-Static Foam Rolls: As the name suggest, this is the special type of foam with anti-static properties. This foam can absorb electronic shocks, and protects both the product and user. It is commonly used for packaging delicate electronic items. The foam is lightweight, flexible, durable, and offers secure and comfortable packaging to items stored inside.
    • Customized Foam Rolls: We believe that no packaging requirement is the same. While there are standard foam rolls available, customizing is required in case packing products with odd shapes, heavy weight, or very small ones. We can customize in terms of length, size, and other specifications to suit your exact requirement.

    Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Packing Foam Rolls for Your Application

    While we have a huge collection of packing foam rolls and we customize them to suit your requirement, selecting the right one for your application can be overwhelming at times. However, our extremely resourceful and experienced team helps you make the right choice after understanding your requirements and budget. Here are some factors you may want to consider when selecting the right packing foam type.

    • Impact resistance: The material and thickness should be such that the foam roll has a high impact resistance and absorbs shocks and vibrations, thus preventing the fragile item inside. This is especially applicable when items or uploaded for shipping and get thrown here and there amid a lot of shipments.
    • Environmentally friendly packing foam rolls: By choosing recyclable or reusable foam rolls, you are certainly helping the environment and reducing the pile up on landfills. You can either give them to a recycling center or reuse at home to pack the stuff you need to courier. You can use these to store jewelry or wrap unused glassware.
    • Type of foam roll and its exact specifications: Selecting the type largely depends upon your application requirement. You may opt for polyethylene, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, and anti-static rolls depending on your application requirements. If you are unable to identify the right roll for your application, our experts will help you make the right selection. You can share the information such as type of the product to be packaged, length and breadth of the product to be packaged, shipping environments, and so on.

    Benefits of Using Packing Foam Rolls

    Packing foam is accepted across the world as one of the reliable packaging materials for fragile materials and electronic items among others. There are several benefits of using packing foam for packaging your products when in transit.

    • These amazing shock absorbers are ecofriendly as well as reusable. You can reuse them in quite creative ways aside from packaging.
    • They are lightweight and robust at the same time, and have a high impact resistance.
    • Polyurethane is excellent in terms of absorbing shocks and vibration through harsh marine environments and weather conditions.
    • Our anti-static rolls are moisture resistant, and under any situation retain the original item inside as is, structurally and functionally.
    • The level of customization we offer makes them all the more flexible and versatile. We offer them for the smallest of products and the oddest shapes as well.
    • All our packaging foam rolls offer excellent insulation properties. Combined with our corrugated boxes, they offer excellent impact resistance even in case of rough handling of the package by freight and shipping staff.

    Applications of Packing Foam Rolls

    The applications of packing foam rolls are far and wide, aside from packaging. They are used for wrapping:

    • Sensitive electronic items
    • Jewelry or any delicate materials
    • Furniture
    • Glassware, crockery, sculptures, paintings, and so on

    Frequently Asked Questions on Packing Foam Rolls

    We understand the importance of choosing the right packaging material for any application. Below are some questions on packaging foam rolls that our experts often answer to buyers who may be looking for quality packaging solutions.

    • Can I use foam packaging rolls for packaging fragile electronics and computer circuits?

    One of the key uses of any packaging roll is offering cushioning and protection to the product wrapped within. Although polyurethane, polyethylene, and EPS foam is used for packaging certain electronic parts, we do not generally recommend them for computer circuits and related parts. This is because they may dissipate static electrical charges. It is always recommended to choose anti-static foam for packaging computer circuits.

    • Can I use these packing foam rolls for packaging exceptionally large or small products?

    Yes, you can use these packing foam rolls for packaging objects of any length. You can use them for packaging furniture, as well as smallest items like pieces of jewelry.   

    • What are the common sizes of packing foam rolls available with you?

    We can provide packing foam rolls in 1/16 inch to ½ inch thickness. They can be provided in gridded and layered pattern in various lengths and thicknesses. Thicker foam rolls are used to package large appliances as they assure impact resistance and thin foam for small objects.

    Wholesale Packing Foam Rolls

    If you are a manufacturer and supplier or a packaging and delivery partner, you may need varieties of packaging foam rolls in bulk quantities at affordable prices. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer wholesale packing foam rolls at competitive prices. We believe each requirement is different, and hence offer customization to the best of our ability for a perfect fitment. In case you have any questions, you can contact our team, and they will answer all the questions you might have about our packing foam rolls. You can reach us on phone or email in case of any enquiries related to pricing or placing orders. Our team will be happy to assist you. We offer superior quality packing foam which is made in our state of the art facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County.