Half Slotted Container (HSC) Boxes


Finding the right container to transport a product is one of the challenges faced by many manufacturers and suppliers.

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    Finding the right container to transport a product is one of the challenges faced by many manufacturers and suppliers. There are several container types to choose from. Half Slotted Containers (HSC) are used by manufacturers and suppliers across the globe to hold, transport, as well as promote their business. At BlueRose Packaging, our experts make custom-printed half-slotted containers that can be easily customized to meet your application requirements.

    Features and Our Customization Capabilities for Half Slotted Boxes

    The following features of these boxes make them a perfect choice for various packaging applications.

    • A half-slotted container features flaps only at the bottom.
    • There are no top flaps, and the boxes are often fitted with sliding flaps.
    • Made from corrugated material, these containers are often sought for packaging applications where customers may be looking for boxes without flaps.
    • We can provide half slotted container with a lid to suit your application requirements.
    • A half-slotted container with a lid is known as a telescope box. In this type of box, the lid is two-third times the depth of the tray at the bottom.
    • Generally, these half-slotted containers are preferred for shipping food and beverage, or electronic items over short distances. Most clients use these boxes to move items from local storage facilities to their shops or restaurants or hotels.
    • Owing to their construction, these boxes can withstand rough handling.
    • We can provide these boxes in standard and customized styles. The standard styles feature equal length, breadth, and depth. We can provide customized printed boxes with glue tabs on the left and width.
    • The boxes can be printed outside in CMYK and full color.
    • We can deliver these boxes flat with either no gluing or assembly or ready-to-use with glue and assembly.
    • We can provide these telescopic boxes comprising two HSCs, where one box is used as a tray or lid. These boxes have both top and bottom flaps.

    Applications of Half Slotted Boxes

    We regularly build corrugated half slotted containers for packaging the following:

    • Beverage and food
    • Electrical supplies
    • Clothing items
    • Toys
    • Grocery

    Benefits of Choosing HSC Boxes

    We have been providing these boxes for several years now. In recent years, we have been processing huge orders for these boxes. We believe the following features of these boxes make them popular with our clients.

    • The boxes are made from corrugated material which is recyclable, yet strong.
    • It uses less material, which makes it a more affordable option than other forms of packaging.
    • They can be used for shipping and storage of items for short times.
    • It can be customized to any specifications to meet your application requirements.
    • These boxes are easy to assemble than many other box styles.
    • They can be used to pack a wide range of products.

    Customized HSC Boxes

    At BlueRose Packaging, we focus on quality and prices equally. We encourage users to place bulk orders as it helps us to keep the prices low and pass the savings to our clients. Bulk orders also help our clients stay ready for quick dispatches.

    As all orders are processed at our well-equipped facility in Southern California, we assure the high quality of these containers. For more information on these printed HSC boxes or any other packaging containers, please feel free to contact us today. Our experts would happily answer your queries and guide you through the right selection.