Corrugated Telescopic Boxes


Corrugated telescopic boxes feature a separate top and bottom that are designed to fit into each other. These boxes are used for packaging different items such as crockery, shoes, food and beverage, clothes, books, and so on. Owing to their versatility, these boxes have gained immense popularity in recent years.

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    Corrugated telescopic boxes feature a separate top and bottom that are designed to fit into each other. These boxes are used for packaging different items such as crockery, shoes, food and beverage, clothes, books, and so on. Owing to their versatility, these boxes have gained immense popularity in recent years. BlueRose Packaging provides different types of corrugated telescoping boxes to meet your application requirements. These boxes allow you to store products safely during transportation or storage. These boxes differ from regular corrugated boxes as they feature an extra lid. We regularly process big wholesale orders of custom telescoping boxes to meet typical application requirements of our clients.You can get in touch with our team today to discuss telescopic boxes wholesale prices!

    Telescopic Boxes Wholesale

    Competitive wholesale pricing keeps us ahead of our competitors. We provide attractive discounts on bulk custom telescoping box orders. These discounts not only allows our clients to save on their orders but also keeps them ready to serve their customers when they need it. Our commitment to use quality raw material has not only helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied customers but also helped them to ensure safety of the packages.  Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail if you come across any queries regarding corrugated telescopic boxes.Affordability makes telescoping boxes popular among our clients. Adding to this, we assure attractive discounts on telescopic boxes wholesale.

    Our Corrugated Telescoping Box Capabilities

    Over the years, we have designed, manufactured, and delivered different types of telescopic boxes for various packaging applications. As a result, we have acquired capabilities that allow us to meet the demand for standard and custom corrugated telescopic boxes.

    Types of Corrugated Fiberboards Used: We design telescoping shipping boxes using the following types of corrugated fiberboards.

    • Triple Wall Boxes: The boxes feature three lines of fluting, which may comprise flutes in varying numbers in same or different sizes.
    • Double Wall Boxes: These telescoping shipping boxes feature two sets of fluting, which are placed between two liners. Double wall boxes are usually designed in AC, EB, and BC flute profiles.
    • Single Wall Boxes: These telescopic shipping boxes feature a single line of fluting that is positioned between two liners. We can provide single wall fiberboards in A, B, C, E, and F flute profiles.

    Types of Paper Used: We can create telescoping boxes using any of the following types of materials.

    • Kraft Paper
    • White Kraft Paper

    Telescopic Box Designs We Deliver:  We can develop and deliver the following types of corrugated telescoping boxes.

    • Full Telescope Design Boxes: These boxes comprise bottom and top pieces. The top is wider than the bottom and can easily slide over the bottom piece. This wider top creates extra material thickness on all panels and sides, and provides excellent compression strength. Full telescope design boxes are used for flat and long products that are fragile in nature. These boxes are used to pack framed mirrors, art, and bulky items.
    • Design Style Boxes with Cover: These are basically partial telescope design boxes, which comprise a slotted tray with a top lid. The boxes are ideal for applications where the product needs to be opened and closed multiple times in a day.
    • Double Cover Boxes: These boxes feature a tube and two trays that form lids on the bottom and the top of the box. We create double cover boxes to package large bulky items like dryers, heavy dishwashers, furniture, and so on.
    • Interlocking Double Cover Boxes: These boxes feature interlocking flanges both on the tube and the covers. Generally, interlocking double cover boxes are banded for security. They are used for moving heavy and large appliances such as vending machines, and water heaters.
    • Full Telescope Half Slotted Boxes:  These are telescopic half slotted boxes with slotted bottom and top. The slotted bottom can be easily removed to examine the condition of products within it.

    Benefits of Corrugated Telescoping Boxes

    Corrugated telescoping boxes are very beneficial in almost every sector. Some of their key benefits are as follows:

    • Recyclable: These boxes can be easily recycled and can be used multiple times if handled properly. Reusability of corrugated telescoping boxes makes them unique and beneficial for packaging purposes.
    • Product Protection: Telescoping boxes are made of quality corrugated material that can bear the product weight. This quality makes them ideal for protecting the product from damages during shipping.
    • Customizable: The corrugated telescoping boxes can be easily customized to meet your packaging needs. We can provide them in any aforementioned designs with your logos or brand information printed on them. This customization increases product value and improves brand recognition.
    • Lightweight: The telescoping boxes are made of lightweight material, which makes it beneficial in the shipping process.

    Uses of Corrugated Telescoping Boxes

    Corrugated telescoping boxes are used for the following:

    • Gift Packaging
    • Shipping Parcels
    • Industrial Use
    • Commercial Packaging
    • Transportation
    • Packing Sensitive Products

    FAQs About Telescoping Boxes

    We have been processing orders for telescoping boxes for several years now. The following are a few common questions that our experts often answer while attending the clients/.

    1. How lasting corrugated telescoping boxes are?

    High quality corrugated material used for making these telescoping boxes make them long lasting. Rest depends upon the way you are using these boxes.

    • Can we seal these boxes after packaging?

    Yes. The telescoping boxes can easily be sealed using polypropylene adhesive tape if required. This sealing is generally not required for short distance shipping, whereas it may be required for long distance shipping.

    • How do these boxes handle the pressure?

    Many heavy products may be packed into these boxes. The fiberboard types and flute profiles help them withstand the pressure of products.

    • Are these boxes expensive?