Open Slat Wooden Crates


Open slat wooden crates, as the term implies are made of wood and have open spaces between them. Wooden slats are screwed in a mesh or square pattern. These wooden slat crates can be easily dismantled.

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    Our Open slat wooden crates, as the term implies are made of wood and have open spaces between them. Wooden slats are screwed in a mesh or square pattern. These wooden slat crates can be easily dismantled.  You can even use clips instead of screws, which is much easy. With this, you can easily protect the boxes or contents inside. Also, you can wrap a plastic sheet around this slat crate, if required.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom open slat wooden crates after going through the client requirement thoroughly. We believe so much in customization because that is what we have learned over the years from our experience. Each requirement is unique and demands tailored solutions; thus, we customize these crates in terms of weight, size, and shape, as there is no standard product. We offer wholesale pricing for all the bulk orders of our open slat crates. Additionally, we prioritize quality in our organization, ensuring that every product shipped undergoes a stringent testing and inspection procedure.

    Features of Open Slat Wooden Crates

    Since these crates have open spaces from all four ends as well as the base, they are also called skeleton crates. Our skeleton crates, also known as open slat wooden crates, boast several features that make them ideal for domestic cargo. Here are some features of our wooden slat crates.

    • These are mostly made of dimensional lumber, rather than plywood.
    • These crates, typically useful for domestic cargo, are quite economical as the material required is less compared to conventional closed crates.
    • You can add pallets and skids to the crates to make their movement easy and safe.
    • While, they are designed to suit lightweight to medium weight cargo, their weight bearing capacity is around 1000 pounds.
    • They can be stored in a warehouse and stacked onto each other.
    • While typically designed for short- to medium-term use, you can dismantle them when not in use and reassemble them if required

    Benefits of the Wooden Slat Crates We offer

    There are many benefits of using our wooden slat crates, and affordability is one of them. Here are some other benefits of wooden slat crates.

    • While these crates are more suitable for domestic cargo, we offer ISPM compliant wood which can be shipped to other countries. This ensures safety in transit and compliance with international standards.
    • You can easily ship domestic rugged shipments adding to cost efficiency of the product.
    • To protect the products from direct exposure to sunlight and moisture, we wrap the whole crate in plastic.
    • We offer options such as pins and screws to put together the wooden crate. Pins are easier when it comes to assembling and disassembling.
    • Our rates have an easy dismantling process, and you can simply remove the pins or screws with the help of a flat head screwdriver.
    • The fact that there are spaces in between the crate ensures you see the product inside. This makes it easy when offloading from a ship or truck.
    • We offer plenty of customization in terms of dimensions, which allows even odd-shaped products to fit inside perfectly.
    • The fact that you use less materials lowers the environmental concerns. Also, you can reuse it.

    Applications of Wooden Slat Crates

    One common application of these crates is transporting your products and delivering them to the doorstep. However, some products may go directly into a plastic-wrapped crate, while others may be packed into cardboard boxes or cartons before being arranged inside the crate. These crates serve the same purpose across various industries. Some of the industries which use these crates are:

    • Agriculture
    • Food and beverages
    • Industrial machines and equipment
    • Storage units and warehouses

    Customized Wooden Slat Crates

    We offer customization in open slat crates in terms of material, sizes, lengths, and weights, depending on your packaging requirements. Also, these crates are primarily used for domestic shipments or products which require minimum protection from the outside. You can also use these crates to arrange well-packed boxes of sensitive products and foods as well. This is where partnering would be helpful. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer customized wooden slat crates as per your requirements and budget. We offer good deals for bulk orders even if it means making crates of varied dimensions and materials as part of a single order.

    We design and manufacture our wooden crates entirely at our well-equipped facility in Southern California.  Our team takes care of all the questions you may have regarding materials, pricing, and so on. In case of any questions, enquiries, or sharing or requirements, you can reach us on phone or email .


    Q. Do you offer assembly options for your wooden slat crates?

    A. Yes, we provide options for both clips and screws for easy assembly and disassembly of our crates.

    Q. Can your wooden slat crates be used for international shipping?

    A. Absolutely. Our crates are crafted with ISPM-compliant wood, ensuring they adhere to international shipping standards.

    Q. Are your crates suitable for storing heavy items?

    A.While primarily designed for lightweight to medium-weight cargo, our crates boast a weight-bearing capacity of approximately 1000 pounds, making them suitable for a variety of items.

    Q. Do you offer customization options for crate dimensions?

    A. Yes, we understand that each packaging requirement is unique. That’s why we offer customization options for crate dimensions to fit your specific needs.

    Q. Are your wooden slat crates environmentally friendly?

    A. Yes, we prioritize efficient material usage and reuse, minimizing environmental impact while providing quality packaging solutions.