Custom Printed Roll Stock Films


Roll stocks are laminated films placed onto a cardboard roll used for packaging with the help of machines. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer premium quality custom printed roll stocks.

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    Roll stocks are laminated films placed onto a cardboard roll used for packaging with the help of machines. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer premium quality custom printed roll stocks. Being experts in customization, we offer options in terms of film thickness, roll length, printing, material, finishing, and other factors. These are often used for single use packaging of food products such as bakery, fresh produce, and so on. It is also used for packaging personal care and cosmetic products. Our rolls along with good quality machines can be turned into perfect shapes and sizes to meet the material packaging requirements.

    Features and Types of Roll Stock Films Offered at BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer various types of plain as well as custom printed roll stock films. Here are some of the roll stock film packaging options we offer.

    • Our roll stocks can be packed with horizontal as well as vertical equipment for material filling, packaging, and sealing.
    • Depending on the application requirement, we add barrier materials such as nylon and metal films to offer extra protection to the contents from air, moisture, heat, contamination, odor, and so on.
    • While roll stock films are largely meant for single use packaging, we offer films that facilitate resealing of peeled packets. This way they can be reused to pack some other contents and it saves the kind of waste created by single-use plastic in landfills. This reduces the environmental impact. Also, we use thick, non-toxic, and recyclable plastics.
    • We offer good quality printing and can print the required information as well as help promote the brand through it. We offer a huge variety of colors and designs for the same.
    • We offer rolls in various types of finishing such as glossy, matte, and soft.
    • We use a variety of plastic materials as well as metal films to make these roll stocks. Some of them are polyethylene, PET, metallized films, cellophane, nylon, and more. There are layers of plastic to plastic or plastic to metal foil films.
    • We use FDA approved packaging materials as we cater to food and healthcare industries. For instance, we make holes where required such as in the packaging for fresh vegetables and leafy greens.
    • You can make a variety of bags out of these roll stocks. Some of them are standup pouches, gusseted bags, perforated pouches, zipper bags, and more.

    Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your Custom Printed Roll Stock Requirements

    There are several benefits of using our custom printed roll stock to fulfill you packaging requirements, especially if you have products that are sensitive to water, air, light, UV rays, and other environmental parameters. Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver exactly what you need and we can guide you on the same in terms of materials and other aspects. Here are some benefits.

    • The packaging created out of our roll stocks is durable enough to keep your products safe during shipping and transportation. They can be easily stored in storage units on racks as well.
    • We offer quick turnaround times even in case of multiple custom orders from a client and never compromise on accuracy and quality.
    • Our custom options are too many and we almost offer tailor made rolls with the required printing.
    • Our rolls are durable and puncture resistant which makes them suitable for packaging pointed items, liquids, and so on.
    • Once you share your requirements with us, we serve you till the last step. We offer you a quick quote and immediately start discussion and designing based on the same.

    Applications of Our Roll Stock Films

    There are many application areas of our roll stock films. Here are some of them.

    • Agriculture
    • Frozen as well as fresh foods and dry packed foods
    • Pet foods
    • Medical devices
    • Personal hygiene and cosmetics
    • Chemicals

    Wholesale Options for Our Custom Printed Roll Stock Films

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer wholesale options for our custom printed roll stocks. You can choose a variety of roll types and we still offer them to you at wholesale prices. As mentioned, you can choose the material, thickness, transparency, other features such as holes, perforations, printing aspects, and more. While our pricing policy is very reasonable even if you buy one roll, we offer the best prices on bulk orders.

    We have a very efficient and resourceful team to answer all the technical or pricing related questions you may have on your mind regarding these roll stocks and their applications. If you want to make to make an enquiry or share your requirements, you can contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to assist you.