Corrugated Box Partitions


Packaging and shipping fragile materials or dividing them into sections is a challenging task if you put them in regular shipping boxes.

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    Packaging and shipping fragile materials or dividing them into sections is a challenging task if you put them in regular shipping boxes. However, corrugated partitions offer an excellent solution for this. These partitions can easily withstand a great amount of force and keep your product protected from vibrations and other challenging conditions when in transit. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide custom corrugated box partitions to match your application requirements. Our corrugated box partitions are developed to effectively address your packaging challenges.

    Custom Corrugated Box Partitions at Best Wholesale Prices

    At BlueRose Packaging, we make custom box partitions for your order. We process big volume orders for clients who ship more often. Our strong supply chain relationships combined with our industry experience and effective material wastage strategies allow us to assure competitive prices on bulk orders. We believe these bulk orders also help our clients stay equipped for emergency dispatches. All orders are processed at our well-equipped facility in South California. This allows us to stay true to our commitment of offering quality products at competitive prices. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your packaging requirements. They would be happy to guide you to the right solution.

    Features of Custom Corrugated Box Partitions Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    Corrugated box dividers can be designed such that they perfectly fit the product. We can provide the boxes in the following features:

    • Flute Profile: The partitions can be availed in flute profiles B, C, and double walls. Of these, B is thicker than C. Double-wall partitions are a combination of B and C. These flutes can be availed in various tests. These tests help create strong partitions for your application needs. For instance, 125# test and 275# test stand for the lightest and heaviest partitions, respectively.
    • Type of Box Partitions: We can make these box partitions in any of these types:
      • Single-face: In these, one linerboard is adhered to a corrugated medium. These boards are more appropriate for packing retail items that are not so sensitive or delicate.
      • Single Wall: A corrugated medium is placed between two linerboards. Similar to a single face, these items are also ideal for storing items that do not require extra protection.
      • Double Wall: There are two corrugated mediums between three linerboards. These partitions are generally used for storing items such as heavy kitchen tops and so on.
      • Triple Wall: There are three corrugated mediums between four liner boards. We generally recommend these partitions for storing delicate or sensitive items.
    • Additional Features: We can provide corrugated box partitions with corner cuts and directional notches. These corner cuts make it easy to include the partitions into a carton or a box. Directional notches enable users to arrange the partitions in a certain way before shipping products.
    • Cell Numbers: We can create corrugated partitions in any cell number depending on your packaging requirement.

    Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Box Partitions for Your Packaging Applications

    Today, it is quite common to see box partitions made of different materials like chipboard and plastic; however, corrugated box partitions have gained popularity owing to the following reasons.

    • Recyclability: These box partitions are made from corrugated material which is 100% recyclable. Many businesses find chipboard and plastic partitions affordable; however, they produce a large amount of waste when discarded at the end of shelf life. Against this, corrugated box partitions can be recycled and built into useful product at the end of their lifetime.
    • Better Cushioning Properties: Corrugated box partitions offer better cushioning to products stored within, which assures maximum protection as well. These partitions keep the product safe for long and short-distance transportations or while handling and shipping.
    • Superior Strength: Although corrugated box partitions are lighter than regular chipboard boxes, they assure superior strength and help meet your heavy duty packaging needs effortlessly. They can easily withstand vibrations as well as the usual wear and tear endured during storage or while on the move.
    • High Customizability: We understand how packaging needs differ across industries. Many clients may require box partitions in different sizes and thicknesses. Knowing this, we offer them partitions in different sizes with a single face, single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall partitions. Corrugated box partitions are generally larger than other types of partitions but we are also capable of offering small partitions when required. They are best suited for products that are large and possess odd shapes. We can provide them in different grades and finishes to meet your packaging requirements.
    • Excellent Stacking Strength: Unlike regular chipboard box dividers, these corrugated box partitions offer excellent stacking strength because they are made of thick and strong cardboard.
    • Used for Protecting and Separating Items: Box partitions serve two purposes – protecting products as well as separating heavy items in a container, and both these capabilities make them cost-effective. They prevent stored items from touching and colliding with each other.
    • Versatility: In recent years, businesses have been using these partitions to package a wide variety of items from small glass containers to large kitchen items. They can easily endure stacking for a long time.
    • Improves Aesthetic Appeal: Corrugated partitions make products look clean and appealing to customers. They help avoid cluttering of products, which many users find interesting.
    • Affordability: Product safety combined with recyclability and versatility makes these partitions affordable. You can save on bulk orders of these box dividers.
    • Perfect for Shipping: Users tend to avoid heavy packaging items because they add to shipping costs. However, box dividers are lightweight items and they do not add to package weight.