Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)


Packaging is an essential aspect post manufacturing when goods need to be shipped or transported. This packaging needs to be safe and leak proof when in transit. This applies to almost all industries which manufacture some or the other products.

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    Packaging is an essential aspect post manufacturing when goods need to be shipped or transported. This packaging needs to be safe and leak proof when in transit. This applies to almost all industries which manufacture some or the other products. Corrugated packaging has gained traction over the last few years as it is safe, lightweight yet robust, and a sustainable solution. At BlueRose Packaging, we have built our expertise in making a variety of corrugated packaging boxes such as full overlap slotted containers. Our experience of working with clients from diverse sectors helps us customize FOL boxes better than our competitors. This enables us to offer the most suitable packaging solution to our clients, based on their requirements.

    Custom and Wholesale FOL Boxes

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer customization in terms of length, width, thickness, materials, and so on. After understanding your requirements, we prepare a design for you and then seek an approval. Our custom FOL boxes are exactly made to suit your requirements. We assist you in selecting the right material and thickness. Based on your requirements we offer a quick quote. Volume is not an issue for us. While we are capable of high volume production runs, we do accept orders for low volumes as well. However, most OEMs need these boxes in bulk, and we offer the best deals to them. Our wholesale prices are applicable even if you have two or more different corrugated FOL box requirements in terms of dimensions.

    Features of Our Corrugated FOL Boxes

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a variety of corrugated FOL boxes in different dimensions. Full overlap slotted containers are suited for applications which require a good length and narrow tops and bottoms. These boxes are open from the top and sealed at the bottom end. Here are some of the features of corrugated FOL boxes.

    • The top and bottom ends have flaps on all sides. The flaps on the lateral sides are small, while the ones on the longer sides cover the entire width of the pack.
    • A full cover at the top ensures safety of the product in case of rough handling and in transit.
    • Since, the width is small, you can either staple the box with big pins or use an adhesive tape for sealing.
    • These lightweight yet rigid boxes have a good weight bearing capacity, and this makes it suited for heavy products as well.
    • The thick corrugated material and the overlapping of the flaps on the top offers extra cushioning, which enables stacking of products on sides too.
    • We are aware that printing your logo on these boxes helps in branding and easy identification especially when shipping. We offer multiple printing options for our full overlap slotted containers.
    • We can provide custom FOL boxes printed with your brand information inside, outside, or both inside and outside.
    • While these boxes are a fantastic sustainable packaging solution, the printing ink we use is soy based and hence eco-friendly.
    • We work with various types of materials such as Kraft paper, standard and premium white paper. If required, we can also provide corrugated FOL box with glossy finish.
    • We can provide these boxes flat with no glue or assembly or assembled with glue. The latter option makes it easy-to-use.

    Benefits of Our Full Overlap Slotted Container Boxes

    There are many benefits of sourcing these boxes from us. Here are some of them.

    • These boxes are biodegradable and completely recyclable.
    • You can easily fold these when not in use and store them in a compact space. The unfolding part is just as easy when needed.
    • These sustainable and versatile boxes are suitable for packaging varied items manufactured across industries as they are robust in construction and yet lightweight when handling.
    • Our corrugated FOL boxes are suited for shipping long, delicate, and heavy items. You can easily seal the box ends using a tape and use industrial tapes to seal double flap layers.
    • Corrugated boxes are different from regular boxes as they have multiple layers of heavy paper pulp which is reasonably resistant to moisture, temperature changes, vibration, and other environmental parameters.

    Applications of Our Corrugated FOL Boxes

    These are suitable for packaging all sorts of heavy, brittle, as well as delicate items. Here are some of the industries which require these corrugated FOL boxes:

    • Retail
    • Textiles
    • Food & beverages
    • Industrial components
    • Furniture
    • Art and craft pieces
    • Home decor
    • Glassware and ceramics
    • Healthcare

    We, at BlueRose Packaging, design and manufacture all our corrugated FOL boxes at our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California. Our skilled and experienced team is always available to answer all the questions you may have about these boxes including material, pricing, and so on.  In case you want to make an enquiry or share your requirements, you can contact us via phone or email.