Corrugated Bin Boxes


Corrugated bin boxes are versatile and compact-sized storage units used for storing or displaying random small to medium sized items ranging from screws and stationery to personal belongings such as bands, hairpins and so on.

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    Corrugated bin boxes are versatile and compact-sized storage units used for storing or displaying random small to medium sized items ranging from screws and stationery to personal belongings such as bands, hairpins and so on. They can be of various types in terms of the storage units or parts inside, one-piece boxes, and most commonly rectangular or angular ones.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer cardboard bin boxes wholesale options as well as customization to suit specific requirements in terms of thickness, materials, width, depth, and length. Since we are very particular about quality in every aspect, the same is applicable for our corrugated bin boxes as well. We incorporate stringent inspection and testing techniques for all the corrugated bin box before they are shipped out. They are checked for impact resistance, weight bearing capacity, material sturdiness, dimensionsion as well as accuracy and quick turnaround times.

    Variety of Corrugated Storage Bin Boxes for Every Need

    At BlueRose Packaging, we are your one-stop shop for all things corrugated storage boxes. We offer a wide variety of corrugated storage boxes in terms of sizes, angles, shapes, internal parts or sections, and lengths. Most of our standard corrugated storage boxes are made from eco-friendly corrugated board with a Flute B profile, ensuring they are 99% recyclable.

    Here are some popular types of corrugated storage boxes we offer:

    • One-piece bin box: These corrugated storage boxes are perfect for storing a variety of miscellaneous items. They don’t have internal sections, providing flexibility for storing various sized items or bulk quantities of the same item, like pens or tapes.
    • Warehouse rack bin boxes: Typically used in industrial settings, these corrugated storage boxes have an open top and rectangular shape. Three sides have the same dimensions for stability, while the fourth end (often shorter or absent) allows easy access to store or retrieve items.
    • Corrugated open top bin boxes: As the name suggests, these corrugated storage boxes have an open top. Commonly used on display shelves or sales counters, they provide easy visibility and organization for your products.
    • Stackable bin boxes: Ideal for storage rather than display, these corrugated storage box follow a last-in-first-out (LIFO) principle. They have a sloped or angled top for stacking, with the remaining top closed. This design allows for efficient storage of a single type of item in bulk quantities.

    Benefits of Corrugated Bin Boxes

    A clutter-free and organized workspace allows free movement as well as increased focus and productivity. Our corrugated storage boxes help you streamline your items in an orderly manner and remove the clutter around. Here are some benefits of our bin boxes.

    • As mentioned, they help organize and remove clutter. This increases productivity because of the free space around. It also helps you quickly find the item you want.
    • It enhances worker safety especially when you store items such as pins, screws, any pointed or hazardous products.
    • These boxes can be labeled and the sections can be named or numbered. This makes organizing far easier and you can quickly put back the item you took out.
    • While these boxes are widely used across industrial units, you can use them in homes and small offices too, to store your personal belongings, stationery, and so on.
    • Some hand tools are still used industries for cutting, drilling, and allied functions. These tools are generally compact sized and need to be stored safely. Bin boxes are ideal in this case.

    Applications of Our Corrugated Bin Boxes

    As mentioned the application areas of our bin boxes are wide and diverse. Here are some industries and areas where they find a large application:

    • Food & beverages
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing units
    • Cosmetics
    • Electronics
    • Art and craft items
    • Stationery
    • Domestic assorted items

    Cardboard Bin Boxes Wholesale and Custom Options We Offer

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a high level of customization as far as bin boxes are concerned. This is because we want these boxes to suit your exact requirements. We have an efficient team with whom you can share your requirements or ask any relevant questions you may have. Our team will offer you a quick design as well as a quote based on your budget and requirements. Also, this is done after a detailed discussion with your team and their approval. We can also offer a prototype of the product.  Final production is done only after you give a go-ahead. Low or high volume, we cater to each requirement. Some sectors such as retail and food may require bulk quantities of bin boxes. We offer good deals on bulk orders, and even if a single order includes different types of boxes.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we entirely design and manufacture our bin boxes at our well-equipped facility in Southern California. If you have any questions about our bin boxes or need to make an enquiry regarding pricing, and so on, you can contact our team via phone or email. We will be happy to assist you.


    Q. What are corrugated bin boxes made of?

    A. Corrugated bin boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, a layered material consisting of flat sheets of paper (liners) glued around a fluted (wavy) center layer. This construction provides strength, rigidity, and cushioning for your stored items.

    Q. Can you customize corrugated bin boxes?

    A. Absolutely! At BlueRose Packaging, we understand that storage needs vary. Our team can create custom corrugated storage boxes based on your required dimensions, weight capacity, and features like internal dividers or printed designs.

    Q. Are corrugated bin boxes eco-friendly?

    A. At BlueRose Packaging, sustainability is a priority. Most of our bin boxes are made from eco-friendly corrugated board with a Flute B profile, which is 99% recyclable.

    Q. Do you offer wholesale options for corrugated bin boxes?

    A. Yes! We offer competitive rates on bulk orders of bin boxes. We can also accommodate orders with a mix of different box types.

    Q. Can corrugated bin boxes be reused?

    A. Yes, corrugated bin boxes are often reusable depending on their condition after initial use. The sturdy construction of corrugated cardboard allows for multiple uses in many cases.