Polyethylene Tubing Rolls


Poly tubing or polyethylene tubing is a type of plastic wrap that comes in rolls, and it is widely used for different packaging applications across industries.

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    Poly tubing or polyethylene tubing is a type of plastic wrap that comes in rolls, and it is widely used for different packaging applications across industries. This type of tubing is often used in place of another plastic packaging due to its ability to form customizable package lengths. Poly tubing is often used for packaging products of multiple lengths. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide heavy-duty custom poly tubing rolls for storing equipment parts, irregularly shaped items, and various other heavy components.

    Wholesale Polyethylene Tubing Rolls

    Our clients have diverse packaging requirements. Some clients specialize in multiple products, and they rely on polyethylene packaging for securing the products for storage or shipping. Our wholesale polyethylene tubing rolls allows them to stock these packaging bags in bulk and save on their purchases. This helps them save on their overall product packaging costs. We offer attractive prices on bulk purchases. Our experts can tailor the pricing based on your requirement. Request a quote today to get pricing for wholesale polyethylene tubing rolls.

    Features of Custom Poly Tubing Rolls Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    Our poly tubing rolls assure strength, flexibility, and clarity, which makes them a perfect choice for various packaging applications. The following features make them popular with our clients.

    • The bags are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). We also stock poly tubing made from anti-static polyethylene.
    • These bags can be easily cut to the length of the item to be stored.
    • LDPE custom poly tubing roll is available in gauge thicknesses such as 1.25mil, 1.5mil, 2mil, 3mil, 4 mil, and 6 mil.
    • Anti-static poly tubing comes in 2 mil, 4mil, and 6 mil thickness. We provide class 100 cleanroom tubing in 4 mil and 6 mil gauge thicknesses.
    • The bags can be easily sealed at one end or both ends by using tapes, heat seals, and twist ties.

    Benefits of Custom Poly Tubing Rolls Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, you can get wholesale polyethylene tubing rolls to meet your diverse packaging needs. There are many manufacturers who may provide you with poly tubing rolls in different specifications, however, we believe the following factors make our poly tubing rolls popular.

    • The low-density polyethylene material used for building poly tubing lends them high clarity and helps improve their tensile strength and impact resistance. Both these factors make them ideal for objects with sharp edges or heavy objects.
    • The clarity assured by these bags will ensure users see the contents and ensure their safety.
    • The pink anti-static poly tubing material is formulated with additives, which helps avoid damages caused by static electricity during shipping, storing, and packaging various sensitive electronic devices.
    • We stock poly tubing in various gauge thicknesses, so you can easily find the right tubing roll for your application. For instance, the bag with 1mil gauge thickness is used for storing lightweight items for a short duration; 2 mil bags are most appropriate for storing items that have light to medium weights; and 6 mil bags are used for storing items that may have sharpened edges and demand strength, durability, and high puncture resistance.
    • 100 cleanroom tubing available with us is FDA approved, which makes them ideal for packaging food items, as well as several drugs in pharmaceutical industries.
    • Our wholesale poly tubing is the most economical choice to package a wide variety of items.
    • All poly tubing rolls are manufactured exclusively at our well-equipped facility, which helps us assure quality.

    Applications of Custom Polyethylene Tubing Rolls

    • Packaging: Poly tubing is often used in packaging applications, especially when there is a need for custom-sized bags. It can be used to create bags of various lengths by cutting and sealing the ends with heat or tape.
    • Protection: Poly tubing can be used to protect items during shipping and storage. It provides a barrier against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors.
    • Wrapping: Poly tubing can be used as a protective wrap for items such as posters, artwork, and textiles. It provides a clear, transparent layer of protection.
    • DIY projects: Some crafters and DIY enthusiasts use poly tubing for creative projects, such as making custom-sized sleeves or covers for items.

    How to Choose Custom Polyethylene Tubing Rolls

    When purchasing poly tubing rolls, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

    • Diameter: Poly tubing comes in various diameters, so make sure to choose the size that fits your intended use.
    • Length: Determine the required length of tubing based on your packaging needs or project requirements.
    • Thickness: Poly tubing is available in different thicknesses, usually measured in mils (1 mil = 0.001 inches). Thicker tubing offers more strength and protection.
    • Type: Some poly tubing is designed for specific applications, such as high-clarity tubing for showcasing products or anti-static tubing for sensitive electronic components.

    Poly tubing rolls are typically available from packaging suppliers, online retailers, and industrial supply stores. When purchasing, it’s essential to check the product specifications to ensure it meets your specific needs.


    Q: How do I use poly tubing for packaging?

    A: To use poly tubing for packaging, you can cut the tubing to the desired length, insert the item you want to package into the tubing, and then seal the ends using heat or tape. This allows you to create custom-sized bags for different items.

    Q: Can poly tubing protect items from environmental factors?

    A: Yes, poly tubing provides a barrier against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental elements, making it an effective choice for protecting items during storage and transit.

    Q: What are the options for poly tubing diameter and thickness?

    A: Poly tubing comes in various diameters and thicknesses. The diameter and thickness you choose will depend on your specific needs and the size of the items you want to package or protect.

    Q: Are there specialized types of poly tubing available?

    A: Yes, some poly tubing is designed for specific applications. For instance, there are options like high-clarity tubing that offers excellent visibility for showcasing products, and anti-static tubing that is suitable for protecting sensitive electronic components.

    Q: Can poly tubing be used for food packaging?

    A: Poly tubing made from food-grade polyethylene is suitable for food packaging. If you plan to use poly tubing for food packaging, ensure it is specifically labeled as food-safe.