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Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most popular types of industrial packaging solutions available today. Among them, the triple wall cardboard boxes are the strongest, and the most durable type of corrugated packaging available.

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    Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most popular types of industrial packaging solutions available today. Among them, the triple wall cardboard boxes are the strongest, and the most durable type of corrugated packaging available. The boxes feature three flute layers separated by four layers of liner materials, thus the name. Generally, these corrugated boxes feature 7-ply construction and are used to carry heavy and large items such as industrial equipment and several delicate products during air or sea freight. They are also used to hold products during the display.

    Triple wall cardboard boxes are often used as an alternative to wooden crates because they combine the durability of the wood, and yet possess a light footprint. Triple wall boxes have gained immense popularity in recent years owing to their reusability and utility advantages they offer.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we provide heavy-duty triple wall boxes in various sizes, weight carrying capabilities, and bottom options. Our boxes can resist wearing and tearing, and can be customized to meet any packaging challenge.

    BlueRose Packaging’s Customization Capabilities for Triple Wall Cardboard Boxes

    Here are some features of customization services, which have been best utilized by our clients to build strong and safety-driven triple wall cardboard boxes.

    • Different Styles: The corrugated triple wall boxes can be availed in the following styles and more:
      • Regular Slotted Container (RSC): This is one of the most common box styles provided by us. The boxes feature flaps of the same length; however, the two outer flaps are half the container’s width, and this enables them to meet at the center. There is very little waste due to its highly efficient design.
      • Half Slotted Containers (HSC): These boxes are similar to RSC containers; however, they possess only a single set of flaps. The outer flaps that lie at the bottom of the container meet at the center, and can be easily glued, stapled, or taped to close. HSC is used as a lid and base combination.
    • Materials: We can provide these boxes made from materials such as white paper, Kraft paper, recycled paper, and so on. You can discuss your choice of material with our experts or they would suggest the most appropriate material according to your application requirements.
    • Flute Styles: Flutes add strength and durability to triple wall cardboard boxes. The following are key flute styles used to customize these cardboard boxes.
      • A: This is the thickest flute design and measures 1/4″, and it provides cushioning to fragile products. Owing to its stiffness and crush resistance for short columns, this flute is used across a broad range of customer applications.
      • C: This flute design measures 3/16″ and is widely used for producing shipping boxes. C flute offers excellent stacking strength, crushing resistance, and is easily customizable.
      • B: This flute design measures 1/8″ and assures excellent crush and puncture resistance properties. This flute is commonly used for creating partitions, pads, dividers, and several other forms of inner packing.
      • E: The flute offers excellent crush resistance and measures 1/16″. This flute offers a flat surface for printing brand information. E-flute is commonly used for building boxes for fragile glass, cosmetics, delicate instruments, and ceramic items.
      • F: This flute measures 1/32″ and is created for small retail packaging. This flute has low fiber content and is generally made for creating shoe boxes, cosmetic packages, jewelry boxes, and point-of-purchase displays.We regularly produce boxes with AAA (heavy duty configuration) and BCB configuration.
    • Coated boards: We can provide triple wall boxes with special coatings. These coatings are added to improve the special protection properties of the boards carrying delicate or perishable items.
    • Special Designs: We provide custom triple wall cardboard boxes with features such as slotted dividers, die-cut inserts, cushions or padding, tubes, custom print plates, and more.
    • Stacking Strength: Stackability of boxes is one of the key requirements for many of our clients. We help them achieve this using the right flutes and cardboard material. We always focus on the stacking strength of these boxes, which improves their reliability and durability during the shipping process. The high stacking strength of our boxes helps ensure their long shelf life.

    Benefits of Heavy Duty Triple Wall Boxes Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    The following features of our triple wall cardboard boxes make them popular among our industrial clients.

    • Our triple wall boxes are especially designed for heavy duty applications.
    • They add maximum protection and strength to the package. The triple sheets used for construction ensures that the product does not yield under pressure. Even if the heavy weight packaging is held vertically, our boxes will not tear up easily.
    • They can be easily stacked during shipping to avoid space constraints. Made from high quality materials, they do not tear or burst open under pressure when stacked one above the other.
    • Our boxes assure the highest level of abrasion and crush resistance.
    • They assure comparable compression, strength, and performance to several wooden crates.
    • The boxes are lightweight, and are perfect for logistic transportation where the package may be charged as per the weight.
    • The boxes are bug-free and splinter-free, which makes them an ideal choice for international shipments.
    • BlueRose Packaging’s triple wall boxes are suited for stocking and shipping products that demand temperature insulation. Its three-layer construction offers insulation from external temperatures.
    • We can provide these shipping boxes in different grades and customized with your brand information for various applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Triple Wall Cardboard Boxes

    Triple wall boxes are less popular than a single wall and double wall cardboard boxes because they are used for heavy duty applications. There are a number of questions that our clients ask us regarding these cardboard boxes. In this section, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find answers to the questions that you may have on your mind, you can contact our team today. Our experts would be happy to clear your queries and help you make the right decision.

    • Are triple wall boxes the strongest among all types of corrugated cardboard boxes?

    Triple wall boxes are the most durable among various types of corrugated cardboard boxes. They are at least 10 times stronger than regular corrugated boxes. Some grades of double wall corrugated boxes are comparatively stronger than triple wall boxes. However, these boxes are not common and are often built to specifications. Triple wall boxes are generally perceived as a replacement for timber crates.

    • Do you provide ready assembled boxes?

    No, we always deliver flat packed boxes, which helps reduce storage costs and space.

    • Triple wall boxes have been used to ship chemical containers for a long time. Can I use them to ship heavy duty equipment?

    Yes, you can use them to ship heavy duty equipment such as compressors, motors, boilers, industrial tools, pumps, and so on. These boxes are strong enough to support large weights.

    • What if I choose regular corrugated boxes over triple wall boxes for heavy shipments?

    Although you can keep your product in any custom designed and standard corrugated box, it cannot sustain the weight. It may tear off if your product demands a box with high strength and its contents would be damaged or dropped.  

    • Can you offer me boxes in custom dimensions?

    Yes, we can provide you boxes in custom specifications.

    • I want a heavy duty triple wall box in extra-large dimensions, can you build it for me?

    Yes, we can create extra-large boxes at our facility in Los Angeles and Orange County. However, depending on your requirement, some boxes may cost you extra tooling charges. Our experts will discuss these with you before starting the project.

    • How shall I measure the box and share the dimensions with you?

    It is always advisable to share the desired dimensions in millimeters. You can measure the length, width, and height of the item that you need to pack. Ensure the box assures a protective fit around the item. Always ensure to keep the dimensions in the order of length, depth, and width.

    • Why triple wall boxes are considered the environmentally friendly option to wooden crate boxes?

    These triple wall cardboard boxes are considered environmentally friendly compared to wooden crate boxes due to several reasons.

    • First, they possess compact, yet light footprint.
    • These boxes can flattened and stored when not in use.
    • They can be reused multiple times before discarding.
    • The boxes can be recycled easily because the corrugated cardboard used in these boxes is eco-friendly.

    Wholesale Triple Wall Boxes

    BlueRose Packaging is a leading manufacturer as well as direct distributor of heavy duty triple wall boxes in Los Angeles and Orange County. Feel free to get in touch with our team to place your order for wholesale triple wall boxes. Many customization options and competitive prices on bulk orders make us the right choice for all your industrial packaging requirements.

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