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Power packaging has become an ultimate need for shipping industries. Double wall cardboard boxes are one of the effective ways of power packaging. Unlike single wall cardboard boxes, these boxes are in demand where long-distance shipping is needed, and therefore the strength of packaging and durability and important factors.

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    Power packaging has become an ultimate need for shipping industries. Double wall cardboard boxes are one of the effective ways of power packaging. Unlike single wall cardboard boxes, these boxes are in demand where long-distance shipping is needed, and therefore the strength of packaging and durability and important factors. To cater to such goods’ shipping demands, BlueRose Packaging manufacturers high-quality double wall cardboard boxes for shipping.

    Double wall cardboard boxes are cardboard boxes with dual-wall construction. This type of construction makes these boxes sturdy and rugged as compared to the single wall boxes. The manufacturing of double wall boxes features 5-ply construction. In this type of construction, two fluted cardboards are pressed between three layers of liner board or cardboard sheets. This means the sequence of construction is cardboard sheet-fluted, cardboard-cardboard sheet-fluted, and cardboard-cardboard sheet.

    This type of construction offers a great deal of strength to these double wall boxes. These double wall boxes can be made from various materials such as Kraft paper, test paper, recycled paper, etc. The size and number of flutes vary according to the design parameters of the box such as length, width, breadth, height, box, and wall thickness. Depending on the shipping requirements, all these parameters can be varied to customize these double wall cardboard boxes.

    These boxes are also known as corrugated boxes and based on the shipping requirement they can be customized. Ideally, these boxes are designed for the shipment of heavy goods and are suitable for long-term transportation. Also, if the goods are sensitive to temperature and environmental factors, then these boxes can be made by using corrugated fiberboard cardboard.

    Types/Styles of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

    Double wall boxes themselves are a type of corrugated boxes and can be designed in different types. Ideally, BlueRose Packaging manufactures various types of double wall boxes based on types of flutes and folding patterns. Here are only a few types of double wall corrugated boxes that can be manufactured by BlueRose Packaging’s staff.

    • Square-shaped Cardboard Boxes: These are standard square-shaped folded boxes with equal length, width, and height dimensions. We can manufacture these double wall boxes in various sizes, however, the fold pattern remains the same.
    • Shipping Cartons: Shipping cartons are one of the popular types of double wall cardboard boxes. We can manufacture these boxes in carton form. These boxes feature a cuboidal structure. We can customize these cartons for short-distance shipment of heavy goods.
    • Dangerous Goods Boxes: Dangerous goods boxes are customized for goods that can be harmful to humans or nature. These goods include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc. At BlueRose Packaging, we manufacture these types of boxes for goods that are sensitive to environmental entities like temperature, moisture, sunlight, etc. Generally, our dangerous goods boxes feature rugged cardboard construction with materials like corrugated fiberboard carbon.
    • Regular Slotted Containers (RSC): The regular slotted containers (RSC) are the most common type of double wall boxes we manufacture. They feature a standard design, which complies with international specification D8115. The design requires equidistant placement of all the flaps from the score to the edge. However, two major flaps meet at the middle and the minor is shorter to half-length. We can manufacture these types of boxes for standard orders.
    • Full Overlap Boxes: The flaps are located equidistant but all the flaps meet at the middle of the box. We manufacture this type of box when higher stacking strength and edge protection are required.
    • Half Slotted Containers/Boxes: These boxes feature the construction of regular slotted containers (RSC), but there are only two opposite flaps.
    • Custom Boxes: Double wall cardboard boxes are available in custom styles – RETT, SPF, ECONO, OPF and more. We can manufacture the double wall cardboard boxes using various flutes.  You can call and talk to one of our design experts now to work out what’s best for your application.

    Beneficial Features of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

    The features of double wall boxes differ according to their design and construction. Here are the features of BlueRose Packaging’s double wall cardboard boxes that are beneficial for safe, and long-distance shipping of goods.

    • High Stacking Strength: We manufacture these boxes with high stacking strength which increases their load tolerance, impact strength, and durability.
    • Light in Weight: Our double wall corrugated boxes are light in weight due to the appropriate selection of cardboard material and smart design.
    • Customizability: We can effectively customize the boxes for required compartments, internal features, and dimensions.
    • Recyclability: Our cardboard corrugated boxes are recyclable, thus are environment friendly.

    Customization Services of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes by BlueRose Packaging

    BlueRose Packaging is capable of offering high-quality customization of double wall corrugated boxes. Here are the parameters we can vary under our customization services.

    • Material: We can provide boxes made of materials like Kraft paper, test paper, recycled paper, etc. These materials are chosen by our experts based on the application requirements.
    • Dimensions: We can make multiple variations in the box dimensions based on the requirements.
    • Flute Styles: The strength, durability, etc of double wall boxes depends on the construction, and flutes are an important part of it. There are various types of fluted cardboard we can utilize to manufacture these corrugated boxes. Here are different styles of flutes we can use to customize the corrugated boxes.
      • F Flute: The F flutes are used when exceptional crush resistance of the board surface is required. This type of flute enables stiff box construction with limited material. We use these types of flutes for the boxes to ship consumer goods, heavy food items, etc. Also, these flutes make the boxes printable.
      • E Flute: The E flutes are suitable when thin double wall construction is required without impacting the crush resistance. We use these flutes to manufacture pizza boxes, shipping cartons for cosmetics, etc.
      • C Flute: The C flutes offer excellent crush resistance. We use these flutes to manufacture shipping boxes for the safe transportation of delicate objects like glass, food, etc.
      • B Flute: The B flutes offer puncture resistance and cushioning properties. That is why we use these flutes for additional padding in the box. This protects the goods from shocks and vibrations.
      • A Flute: The A flutes offer good stacking strength, compression tolerance, and cushioning. We use these flutes for making shipping boxes for fragile items.
    • Box Fold Types: The folding type box differs according to customization requirements for the interior and exterior of the box. Here are the types of folds we can offer to customize the exterior of the corrugated boxes.
      • One Piece Fold (OPF)
      • Five Panel Fold (FPF)

      Also, to customize the interior, we can add the following features to the double wall cardboard box.

      • Padding/Cushions
      • Partitions/Divisions/Compartments
      • Tubes
    • Load-Carrying Capacity: Often the double wall boxes are used for shipping heavy objects that cannot be carried in single wall boxes. That is why we customize the load-carrying capacity of these boxes by varying materials, stacking strengths, compress strengths, flute styles, and fold patterns.
    • Stacking Strength: We customize the stacking strength of these boxes by choosing the right type of cardboard and flutes. We can manufacture boxes with high stacking strength which increases the durability and reliability during the shipping process. Also, due to the high stacking strength, the shelf life of our boxes is long-term.
    • Box Closure: The boxes do not have any firm locking mechanism, thus they are often taped, stapled, sealed, etc. We can customize the boxes that can be enclosed with filament tapes, staples, box sealing tapes, strappings, and shrink wraps.

    Applications Industries

    BlueRose Packaging’s double wall corrugated boxes are used in several industries due to the high quality, durability, and reliability they offer. Here are a few industries that utilize our double wall boxes.

    • Shipping
    • Food Storage Facilities
    • Medical Storage Facilities
    • Storage and Material Handling
    • Chemical Industries

    Wholesale Options

    BlueRose Packaging is a manufacturer and direct distributor of double wall corrugated boxes in Los Angeles and Orange County.

    Please feel free to contact our team to place wholesale orders for our double wall boxes.

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    Q: What makes double wall boxes different from single-wall boxes?
    A: The main difference between double wall and single-wall boxes is the number of layers of corrugated cardboard. Double wall boxes have two layers of corrugated material, while single-wall boxes have only one layer. The additional layer in double wall boxes provides better protection and strength, making them suitable for heavier or fragile items.

    Q: What are the advantages of using double wall boxes?
    A: Double wall boxes offer several advantages, including increased strength and durability, better protection for the contents, higher stacking strength, and suitability for shipping heavier or delicate items. They are ideal for long-distance shipping and storing items in warehouses.

    Q: When should I use double wall boxes?
    A: Double wall boxes should be used when shipping or storing items that require extra protection or when shipping heavier items. They are suitable for fragile items, electronics, glassware, ceramics, heavy machinery, and products that need to withstand external pressures and impacts.

    Q: Can double wall boxes be customized?
    A: Yes, double wall boxes can be customized to fit specific product dimensions and requirements. They are available in various sizes, and you can have them custom-made to suit your specific packaging needs.

    Q: Are double wall boxes recyclable?
    A: Yes, double wall boxes, like single-wall boxes, are made from corrugated cardboard, which is recyclable. Recycling double wall boxes is an environmentally friendly option for sustainable packaging practices.

    Q: Are double wall boxes suitable for international shipping?
    A: Yes, double wall boxes are suitable for international shipping, especially when shipping fragile or heavy items. Their sturdy construction provides extra protection during long-distance transit.