Smear Resistant labels


Smear resistant labels are those labels which don’t smear when they come in contact with water or any other liquid.

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    Smear resistant labels are those labels which don’t smear when they come in contact with water or any other liquid. These labels are made using a special coating which repels water and other liquids. This coating help safeguard the labels from smudging, making them suitable to use on on products that will be exposed to elements ranging from outdoor equipment, to products that will be handled regularly like bottles and cans. We, at BlueRose Packaging, being a reliable wholesale shipping and packaging supplies company, is committed to offer the finest quality smear resistance labels in any shape and size. We own several years of experience and expertise in building performance-driven packaging solutions that have always helped us serve our clients beyond their expectations.

    Features of Smear Resistant Labels Offered at BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, you get the finest quality smear-resistant labels that work the best for shipping and other industrial applications. The following features add to their popularity in the marketplace.

    • The labels are made to resist scratches and smears, and this gurantees the information on the label legible throughout the shipping process.
    • The labels can withstand exposure to moisture without smudging or running, adding to their popularity for a wide range of applications across industries.
    • The labels wont smudge with the exposure to oils, greasy substances, harsh chemicals and solvents. Our labels were resistant against ethanol, methanol, toluene, acetone, xylene, 10% formalin, isopropyl alchol, dimethylsulfoxide, 50% acetic acid, 10% sodium hydroxide, and 10% chlorox @bleach solution.
    • Many of these labels we offer here are specifically designed to withstand different temperature environments. They have been successfully proven to operate in high and low service temperatures.
    • These labels are made with extra-strength adhesives that prolong adhesion to the destination surface. This ensures that the label stays in place even with rough handling to the product being used with.
    • Smear resistant labels can be easily printed using either inkjet or laser printers.
    • We provide these labels in a wide range of materials, including propylene, polyester, and vinyl.

    Why Should you Use Smear Resistant Labels?

    Smear resistant labels are considered for labelling due to different advantages they offer. The following benefits offered by them make them popular with customers.

    • Smear resistant labels provide clear and consistent labeling for products, containers and packages.
    • The labels are less likely to fade over time, ensuring that your product information remains legible for longer.
    • The labels are more resistant to wear and tear, making them popular for packaging that will be handled frequently.
    • The labels can give your products a more polished and professional appearance.
    • These labels are less likely to peel or curl, so they will always stay securely affixed to your products even with rough handling.
    • Labels that don’t smear can help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

    Applications Areas

    Smear resistant labels have endless applications across sectors for product branding, transport, shipping, and storage. Industries that have unique labeling needs can benefit from these special labels that are designed to remain legible and stable in hostile environments. Factors such as harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and poor conditions won’t affect these sturdy labels so you can be sure your data is preserved whether your products are in-storage or on the move. Here are some other examples of industries that can benefit from smear-resistant labels:

    • Chemical
    • Laboratory:
    • Manufacturing
    • Shipping and logistics
    • Food and Beverage
    • Healthcare
    • Automotive

    Get Wholesale Smear Resistant labels at the Best Deals!

    Being a renowned provider of wholesale packaging and bulk shipping supplies, we at BlueRose Packaging is committed to offer smear resistant labels in a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, all at competitive prices. We offer labels that are non-smudge, fade-resistant, and peel-resistant, ensuring customer satisfaction across a variety of applications such as case labeling, receiving, shipping, and work-in-process labels. At BlueRose Packaging, you get the option to choose from our selection of standard sizes or customized options