Printed Acrylic Packaging Tape


Acrylic carton sealing tape is a clear packaging tape that is used to seal boxes and packages. It is made of acrylic adhesive and polypropylene film, which gives it high levels of strength and clarity.

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    Acrylic carton sealing tape is a clear packaging tape that is used to seal boxes and packages. It is made of acrylic adhesive and polypropylene film, which gives it high levels of strength and clarity. This combination also makes the tape resistant to moisture, abrasion, and temperature extremes.  These packaging materials are ideal for sealing packages that need to be seen through, such as those that contain glass. Acrylic tapes have great adhesion qualities and will stick to most substrates. We, at BlueRose Packaging, being a reliable wholesale shipping and packaging supplies company, offer printed acrylic packaging tapes that can be printed with a message or logo.

    Features of Printed Acrylic Packaging Tapes Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    Looking for a strong, durable tape that can be used to seal boxes and packages? Printed acrylic carton sealing tape is a great option. This tape is made from durable materials that can withstand the stress of shipping and handling. It is also easy to use – simply apply it to the package and secure the edges. There are a number of several other features that make this tape a popular choice for businesses. Some of the most common features are:

    • The tape is coated with a permanent adhesive that will adhere to the surface of the carton and keep the contents inside secure.
    • It is made from high-quality acrylic adhesive that can be coated with a specially formulated printable ink. This allows you to print any text or graphic onto the tape, making it the perfect way to personalize your packaging. The ink is heat-sealed into the adhesive, so it will never wear or fade.
    • Printed acrylic carton sealing tape offers a unique look and feel that can’t be found with other similar products available in the market.
    • The printed surface is glossy and eye-catching, making it perfect for adding a pop of color to your packaging.
    • It is easy to apply and remove
    • It is affordable and can be used for a variety of purposes
    • This film is strong and resistant to tears and punctures.
    • The tape is extremely durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. It is perfect for sealing boxes that will be handled frequently or shipped across long distances.
    • The tape is waterproof and weatherproof. It won’t be damaged by moisture or extreme temperatures.
    • This packaging material have a high adhesion level and can stick to surfaces well.

    Benefits of Printed Acrylic Packaging Tape by BlueRose Packaging

    Packaging tape is used to secure products and helps them to reach their destination safely. There are a number of different types of packaging tape available on the market, but printed acrylic packaging tape is one of the best options available.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for printed acrylic packaging tape:

    • Increased Shelf-Life: The tape helps protect the product from dust, dirt, and moisture. The printed designs on the tape also make the packaging look more attractive and professional.
    • Promote Brand Awareness: Printed packaging tape can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. It can be used to communicate key messages or branding to customers. Printed tape is also a great way to promote special offers or discounts. This will make it easier for customers to identify your products and will help to strengthen your brand identity.
    • Enhanced Product Visibility: Printed tape can help to improve product visibility. Clear tape is often used to seal packages, but it is not very visually appealing. Printed tape, on the other hand, can add color and interest to your packaging.

    Applications of Printed Acrylic Packaging Tape

    The tape is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. It can be used to seal cartons, packages, and boxes for storage and shipping purpose. The following are the industries that get immense benefits from this packaging supplies:

    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Cosmetics
    • Automotive

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    Being a leading provider of packaging materials and supplies, we offer printed acrylic packaging tape at the best deals. We offer acrylic carton sealing tapes in various specifications, so you can find the perfect tape for your needs. It can be customized to match the branding of your company or product. We process all orders – bulk orders of single pieces or mixed orders – with care and attention to detail. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.