Hand Stretch Films


Pallet stretch wraps for low volume loads are applied manually. Hand stretch films are used for this purpose. These films are lightweight and easy to handle. They can effectively secure items on your pallet.

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    Pallet stretch wraps for low volume loads are applied manually. Hand stretch films are used for this purpose. These films are lightweight and easy to handle. They can effectively secure items on your pallet. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide hand stretch films of various types, which are used to tie small items together. As a leading hand stretch film supplier, we understand the load securing requirements of our clients. Thus, we can provide these hand stretch wraps in custom specifications to meet your application requirements. You can call us today to discuss your requirements. Our experts will work with you to find the right solution.

    Types of Hand Stretch Films Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer the following types of hand stretch films for your applications.

    • Cast Stretch Wraps: These stretch wraps assure a high level of clarity and are generally used for wrapping loads belonging to type A and type B specifications. You can easily read labels, barcodes, and other important brand information through these wraps. The film unwinds smoothly from the roll, without making noise, which makes it more attractive. These wraps can stretch up to 200 percent than their original stretch potential and adhere to any type of material.
    • Blown Stretch Wraps: These stretch wraps possess a high stretch and load capacity. Blown stretch wraps are generally used for wrapping loads that are oddly shaped and possess sharp corners and edges. They offer excellent tear and puncture resistance, and can perfectly adhere to your load’s surface. The blown stretch wraps aren’t as clear as cast stretch wraps, so are perfect to secure some confidential items.
    • Pre-Stretched Stretch Wraps: These stretch films can be stretched to 10% of their original stretch potential. This type of stretching helps minimize energy exertion that is generally involved when wrapping the load. It also helps reduce wrapping costs and pallet wrapping waste. We generally recommend these films for extremely light loads, which are not to be subjected to high stress during transportation.
    • Opaque Stretch Wraps: As the name suggests, these wraps are designed to block the inside view of the wrapped package. It is generally used to pack highly expensive or sensitive equipment which needs to be secured against theft or tampering. Opaque stretch films possess a strong tear and puncture resistance. They are available in different gauge sizes, and we recommend 80 gauge films for loads up to 2500 lbs.
    • Extended Core Hand Stretch Wraps: These film wraps provide an easy grip to the extended core, thereby reducing the dependability on a dispenser. Extended core hand stretch wrap is an excellent alternative to wire, tapes, and other wrapping materials.
    • Colored Stretch Wraps: These hand stretch films make packaging fun. They are available in various impressive colors to meet your requirements. These films are released gently from the roll and produce no noise. They are available in various gauge sizes.
    • Anti-static Stretch Wraps: These stretch wrap films are typically used to wrap sensitive electronics. They can be stretched up to 200% of their original potential. They are released gently from the roll, and produce no noise. They are ultra-clear in appearance and make reading of bar codes and business information easy.

    Benefits of Using Hand Stretch Films

    There are several benefits of choosing hand-stretched wraps for your packaging applications. The following are a few popular ones among them.

    • Versatility: These hand stretch films are available in various types to secure different types of loads such as cast stretch films to secure all types of loads, anti-static stretch films to secure sensitive electronics, opaque stretch wraps to secure sensitive products, and so on.
    • User-friendliness: All hand-stretched films available with us are easy to use and released gently from the roll. They produce no noise, which can be an added advantage in scenarios where there may be other distracting noises.
    • Clean Packaging: They do not leave any residues behind when removed from the pallet.

    Standard Sizes

    Width Gauge Length Rolls/Case Weight
    12″ 60 2000′ 4 1600 lbs
    15″ 80 1500′ 4 2500 lbs
    15″ 120 1000′ 4 4000 lbs
    16″ 70 1500′ 4 2000 lbs

    Custom gauges and sizes can be provided upon request.

    Applications of Hand Stretch Wraps Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    We regularly provide hand stretch films for applications where manual wrapping is involved. Our hand stretch films are used in the following scenarios:

    • When pallets cannot be transported to the stretch wrapper for wrapping
    • When the pallet volume is low
    • When your packaging is performed in a limited warehouse area and there is no chance of installing a stretch wrapper
    • When there is variability in the package items
    • When it becomes difficult to wrap the pallet in specific areas

    Wholesale Hand Stretch Films

    As a leading hand stretch film supplier, we have had the privilege of working with some leading clients who ship often. Generally, these clients stock the films in bulk, so that they never fall short of it. Knowing this, we help them purchase these films in bulk. As said before, we provide these films in custom specifications, so, the prices are specially tailored for such clients. So, you can get in touch with our team to discuss your bulk requirements. We would be glad to lead you on how to save on your purchases as well as protect your shipments.