Custom Eco Friendly Boxes


Eco-friendly packaging boxes are now popular as they help both businesses and users minimize their carbon footprint while ensuring the high safety of packaged goods in transit.

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    Eco-friendly packaging boxes are now popular as they help both businesses and users minimize their carbon footprint while ensuring the high safety of packaged goods in transit. Made of corrugated, recyclable materials, these packaging boxes can be further recycled at the end of their service life. Custom eco-friendly boxes are packaging solutions designed to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. They are an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact and promote eco-conscious packaging.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we provide eco-friendly corrugated boxes made from 99% recycled materials. We use soy-based ink to print over these boxes. We can provide these packaging solutions in all shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit your specific application requirements. We can build these boxes with 23ECTB, 32ECTE, 32ECTC, and 44ECTC corrugated cardboard material depending on the box style you choose.

    Eco-friendly Boxes Wholesale

    With many of our clients choosing eco-friendly packaging alternatives, we regularly process big orders of these boxes. With time-to-market becoming a major growth driver, our clients cannot afford to have long wait times if they fall short of these boxes. Thus, we help them stock these boxes in bulk and meet their requirements effortlessly. We understand packaging costs form a major part of the total product processing costs, which is why we help our clients save on these boxes if they order in bulk. You can contact us today to know more about eco-friendly boxes wholesale and our manufacturing capabilities. All the designing and manufacturing is performed in-house in Los Angeles and Orange County. This allows us to stay true to our commitment to quality, fast turnaround times, and competitive prices. Please feel free to contact our team to place wholesale orders for eco-friendly custom boxes.

    Styles of Biodegradable Packaging Boxes Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    The following are a few common styles of biodegradable packaging boxes offered by us.

    • Regular Slotted Containers (RSC):  These are the most popular type of eco-friendly shipping boxes manufactured by us. The boxes feature flaps that are equidistant from the edge to the score. They feature two big and two small flaps. The big flaps meet in the middle, and the minor ones only fold to half of length. They are used for standard shipments and we often process large orders of these boxes.
    • Square Shaped Cardboard Boxes: These boxes have equal length, width, and height, which makes them stand out. They can be used to pack any small or large items and we can produce them in the required dimensions to safely transport or package your items.  
    • Tab Locking Boxes: These boxes feature a tuck closure outside and side flaps. The side flaps help protect the contents inside. They are good for shipping catalogs, magazines, books, and various important documents, which is why they are also known as literature mailers.
    • Trays: They are ideal for transporting bottles, plants, and cans in your facility. The trays are extremely lightweight, yet durable.
    • Pads: The pads can be used to create separation inside the boxes. They are also used as stiffening backers.
    • Custom Styles: We can provide these boxes in custom styles such as ECONO, RETT, SPF, and so on. You can contact our design experts today and they will help you choose the right style for your application.

    Features of Eco-friendly Custom Boxes Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    There are no standard shapes and sizes when it comes to packaging solutions and we understand it better. This realization allows us to serve clients with high-quality, eco-friendly custom boxes. Here are the highlights of our customization capabilities.

    • The boxes can be made in any dimension to meet your packaging requirements.
    • We can provide them in box fold types such as:
      • One Piece Fold (OPF): These boxes are wider than FPF boxes, and are used for shipping flat items. Width is the longest dimension in these boxes.
      • Five Panel Fold (FPF): These boxes are taller and more corrugated than OPF boxes, and are used for shipping tall and narrow items.
    • We can customize these boxes with additional internal features such as cushions/padding, tubes, die cart inserts, and any number of internal compartments to meet your requirements.
    • The boxes can be availed in flute styles – A, B, C, E, and F. Among these, A is used for cushioning fragile products, and measuring ¼ inch, it is among the thickest flute designs. F measures 1/32 inch and has the thinnest flute design. It is more appropriate for packaging small items.

    Benefits of Eco-friendly Corrugated Boxes

    Today, we are considered among one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly corrugated boxes in the US. We believe the following features of these boxes have contributed to their popularity among our clients.

    • All our boxes can be sent for recycling at the end of their shelf life. This helps our clients minimize the waste that goes into landfills.
    • They contain no harmful bleaches and dyes, which means they can be disposed of safely if not sent for recycling.
    • Even if disposed of in landfills, these boxes will break down easily than their non-biodegradable or non-compostable counterparts.
    • These boxes are less energy-intensive as we use locally sourced recycled content for making them. We source them from suppliers in nearby areas, which helps us save on excessive transportation that often goes into sourcing these boxes.
    • All eco-friendly shipping boxes are manufactured to the size based on the order. This helps us and our clients cut down their material waste.
    • Although made from recycled material, these boxes can be used multiple times before discarding. This helps our clients save time.
    • The boxes are lightweight, and perfect for long-distance transportation where the package is charged as per the weight.
    • These boxes can be used to ship a wide range of materials including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, clothing, food, and so on.
    • Our eco-friendly boxes have immensely helped our clients strengthen their brand image in the domain they operate. Recipients of products offered in these boxes often perceive the manufacturer as a responsible company. The changed perceptions have helped our clients boost their profits in many ways.