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Some items may be oversized , large and heavy, and may not fit in the standard corrugated cardboard boxes. Instead, some may require durable custom wooden crates. At BlueRose Packaging, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of wooden shipping crates for all purposes. Our production team works closely with you and is capable of building custom wood shipping crates for any industrial, commercial, and military applications. We have invested in technologies and resources, which allows us to assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Your industry needs a reliable packaging solution to ship your supplies. Thus, we design custom wood shipping crates that will meet your specific needs and meet your packaging requirements above expectations. For this reason, we only use quality materials to create wood shipping crates and to ensure your products are protected during the transit and arrive in the same condition as they were sent.

We can customize your wooden shipping crates with bracing, padding, or specific compartments that  to your cargo from environmental. Whether it is for medical and dental equipment, glass valuables, or any fragile items, our team can guide you through the standard and custom shipping crates with durable construction. Over the years, we have built a strong client base across the US. BlueRose Packaging has a strong presence in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside, CA.

Wholesale Wooden Shipping Crates

We provide wholesale custom shipping crates in different styles and sizes. Our experts work closely with customers to build wood shipping crates that meet their wholesale shipping and packaging needs.

All designing and machining are performed in-house at our well-equipped facility, which allows us to stay true to our commitment to delivering quality wooden shipping crates. All shipping and related tasks are overseen by our staff at the facility, which helps minimize the errors and makes us one of the most reliable shipping crate suppliers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside CA.

What are Wooden Shipping Crates?

Wooden crates are designed to house large cargo or items that need to be transported safely. Wooden shipping crates feature heavy-duty construction and are made of plywood, sheathing, and heat-treated lumber. Most wooden shipping crates feature inbuilt pallets, which assure the smooth maneuverability of pallet jacks or forklifts during loading and unloading. We also produce small, large and lightweight wooden crates.

Types of Wooden Shipping Crates Offered by BlueRose Packaging

We can design various types of wooden shipping crates and customize them with add-ons and hardware. The following are a few popular types of wooden shipping crates designed by us.

  • Open Slat Wood Crates: These wooden crates are ideal for shipping bare items. They are also suited in situations where full boxing becomes expensive. Depending on the design, these shipping crates may offer vertical as well as exterior protection. The crates are open, so, are lighter, too.
  • Tradeshow Wood Crates: These are a special type of custom shipping crates designed to meet tradeshow shipping requirements. Our experts work closely with clients to design interiors of these creates. This is because interiors need to be designed such that they can hold special display shapes, have easy component removal for installations on tradeshow sites, and protect the items during transit.
  • Knock Down Wood Crates: Alternately referred to as kitted crates, these crates are provided in several easy-to-assemble parts with base and constructed panels.
  • Reusable Wood Crates: We provide various types of reusable crates to meet your requirements. Most wooden crates available with us can be created in reusable designs. These crates help lower labor costs, inventory costs, shipping costs, product damage costs, and minimize waste.
  • Heat Treated Wood Crates: These are wooden crates made of ISPM 15 heat-treated wood. The process of heat treatment helps in the thermal modification of wood as well as improves its resistance to fungal decay and rot.

Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Wooden Shipping Crates

At BlueRose Packaging, we do not believe in a one-size fits all approach, which is why we only offer custom shipping crates. Although our experts guide you through all the phases of design and manufacturing, here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind while choosing them.

  • Lumber Grade: The wood sold in the United States is rated according to the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC). As per the ALSC standard, the integrity,  strength, and utility value of the wood is based on several factors such as twists and knots on the wood, cracks found between the age rings on the plank, and so on. Commonly, three types of lumber are used for wooden crates. They are utility grade, industrial grade, and construction grade. In this, the construction grade is the high-quality grade, utility-grade is a medium quality grade, and industrial grade is of the lowest quality. After finalizing the design for shipping crates, you can discuss the type of wood required with our team.
  • Thickness of Plywood: The strength and utility value of shipping crates also depends on the thickness of plywood. Vertical and lid panel thickness may vary from ¼” to up to 1”. The standard 3/8” panels (walls) will provide better protection from torque, warping, and accidental damages caused by forklifts. Deck (floor) strength may vary depending on end user’s weight load.
  • Type of Fastener: The security of the shipping crate will depend on the type of fastener used. Twist nail or ring shank, deck crew, and sheetrock screw are popular fasteners used. Of these, the ring shank screws can stay longer and help make durable crates, while sheetrock screws are ideal for reusable crates and deck screws for knock down crates.
  • Regulatory Compliances: There are different guidelines for shipping goods both internationally and domestically. For instance, some countries may impose restrictions regarding bark in wood, while others may require wooden crates to be heat treated as well as fumigated according to ISPM 15 certification. Hence, to meet regulatory requirements and ensuring quality, it is important to look for crates that are marked with HT stamp or IPPC mark. This helps ensure the shipping crates are ISPM 15 compliant.
  • Container Attributes: The designs may be influenced by factors such as shipping conditions, container sizes, and mode of transportation. So, you need to address them appropriately.
  • Additional Attributes Needed: We can design custom wooden shipping crates as per your needs to protect your items from breaking, shifting, or corroding. The following are some common attributes that we include.
    • Floating deck
    • Mylar and wrapping
    • Strapping
    • Foam Cushioning
    • Metal Brackets
    • Casters
    • Double entry pallet
    • Bracing

Benefits of Choosing Wooden Shipping Crates

There are several benefits of choosing wooden shipping crates, especially custom shipping crates, over other packaging options. The following pointers will help you understand it better:

  • Durable and Sturdy: The shipping crates are made of wood, which itself makes them sturdier and more durable than regular plastic crates or corrugated boxes. These crates can be stacked over each other when not in use because they can easily withstand vertical pressure created due to stacking. Their sturdiness and durability help these crates withstand rough handling and other damages that generally occur during shipping.
  • Reusable: Wooden shipping crates can be easily repurposed or recycled at the end of their lifespan. Some crates may be damaged beyond control, but they can be easily turned into fuel, compost, and other useful forms. Additionally, they can be used to meet your diverse storage requirements in the warehouse or commercial facilities.
  • Renewable Resource: The reusability of wood helps reduce waste and sends fewer materials to the landfill. Even if these materials end up in the landfill, they would decompose completely within a few years, which is quite unlike regular plastic crates or corrugated boxes. Needless to say, these wooden shipping crates will help you reduce your carbon footprint considerably.
  • Economical: Wood can be easily converted into wooden crates and requires less machining effort when compared to plastic and other materials. Whether custom built or standard, the wooden shipping crates can be used reused several times before discarding. All these factors make them more economical than other packaging choices.
  • User-friendly Designs: At BlueRose Packaging, we pay attention to create user-friendly designs. All our custom shipping crates are designed such that they can be easily assembled, which helps save assembly time.
  • Safe and Secure Transportation:  Custom shipping crates made of wood are designed to help secure your goods during transportation in terms of sustaining mechanical vibrations or any sort of damage that may occur during shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions on Standard and Custom Wood Shipping Crates

Our team regularly answers questions on wooden shipping crates. This section aims to answer to those questions and more.

  • How much time does it take for BlueRose Packaging to produce custom wood shipping crates?
    It may take us 5 to 7 business days to design and manufacture custom wood shipping crates depending on your requirements. Please contact us for current lead times.
  • How can I order wooden shipping crates from BlueRose Packaging?
    You can see the shipping wood crate patterns listed on this page and order them by calling us at 877.808.4698 or sending us an email at
  • How do you make a wooden shipping crate?
    We follow a standard procedure to make a wooden shipping crate at our facilities in Orange County and Riverside, CA. We only use quality materials and equipment to create wooden shipping crates. You can get in touch with our team today to understand the whole process of wooden shipping crate making.
  • What are the dimensions of an average wood shipping crate?
    At BlueRose Packaging, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. This has helped us specialize in custom wood shipping crates. So, there are no average dimensions. We work with clients across industries and they all have different requirements. You can get in touch with our team today to know the dimensions of shipping wood crates used by other clients in your industry.
  • How much does a wooden shipping crate cost? The costs of wooden shipping crates would depend on different factors such as lumber grade, the complexity of design, thickness of plywood used, regulator compliances, and special attributes required. You can request a custom quote for wooden shipping crates depending on your requirements.
  • Which type of wood material is used popularly for wooden shipping crates? We generally use oak and southern yellow pine (SYP) for creating wooden shipping crates. Yellow pine is affordable, reliable, and easily available. This makes it a common choice for creating wooden crates. Oak is comparatively expensive than SYP and is used for creating wooden shipping crates for heavy-duty applications. We can also provide wooden shipping crates made of softwood.
  • What information is required before requesting a quote on custom wooden shipping crates? Wooden shipping crates are highly customizable as per the application requirements. You must share details, such as the required length, width, and height. Here, the height (H) is the dimension of the box, the length (L) should be the longest side of the box, and the width (W) should be the shorted side. In addition to this, you must share the details such as the type of products to be packaged, weight and dimensions of the product, location of shipping, reusability of pallets, and so on.
  • Do you offer standard wooden shipping crates? No, we do not offer standard crates, as all orders are custom manufactured to your requirements.
  • Do you offer onsite crating? If yes, can your experts visit my facility?
    Yes, we offer onsite crating services. It is preferred by companies that ship extremely large, fragile, small, or odd-shaped products. Be it specialized on-site crating at your facility or expert on-site packaging services, we can serve you in both ways.
  • Do custom wooden shipping crates offer better security? Wooden shipping crates are rigorously examined to ensure their quality as per the set industry standards. Thus, they offer extra protection and re-usability compared to other packaging methods. Unlike pallets that protect freight from the bottom, with the self-supporting structure, wooden shipping crates provide a high level of security and protection. Also, they provide protection against vibrations and impact by external and internal components. These crates are ideal for moving equipment within the facility or stacking for easy storage.
  • How can I use custom wooden shipping crates? Are they good for all types of packaging and shipping?
    Wooden shipping crates are ideal for transporting oversized, delicate or odd-sized, agricultural as well as industrial products. Typical uses for wooden shipping crates range from oddly-sized fruits and vegetables, to valuable jewelry to expensive artwork, furniture, machinery, and so on. Some other use cases for wooden shipping crates include large liquid tanks, airlines, hardware stuff, and more. These crates are the most useful for products undergoing long journeys.
  • Do you provide large wooden shipping crates? Yes , we provide wooden crates in all sizes . When it comes to transporting bulky or heavy items, large wooden shipping crates are the go-to choice.

Applications of Wooden Shipping Crates

We regularly design and deliver wooden shipping crates for the following applications:

  • Machines and Equipment: Shipping odd-sized machine and equipment parts is one of the greatest concerns for many OEMs around the country. We work closely with them to design wood shipping crates that can not only contain different machine and equipment parts but also protects them during transportation.
  • Construction Materials: Glass, metal and some odd-sized heavy-duty materials used on the construction site must be handled with care. Although developed for challenging environments, they need to be transported and stored safely before installation. We provide A-frames or strong and reliable wood shipping crates that help maintain the safety of products during the transit or during the storage.
  • Odd Sized Products:  Next, we design wood shipping crates for transporting odd-shaped products. These products can be anything from fragile goods to utensils to paintings to tradeshow items. There are certain delicate items, which require extra security during shipping. These items can also be shipped in these crates.
  • Tradeshow or Storage Crates: Trade show booths feature various types of signage and signs that are installed at different corners to attract viewers. Often transporting these signage and signs becomes challenging due to their weight and sizes. We provide custom wood trade show and storage crates that enable easy transportation and accessibility of these materials.