Machine Stretch Films


A stretch film is a thin plastic film with a high level of elasticity that is used for wrapping different types of products. A machine stretch wrap film is used on stretch wrapping machines or stretch wrappers which work much faster than a hand stretch film.

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    A stretch film is a thin plastic film with a high level of elasticity that is used for wrapping different types of products. A machine stretch wrap film is used on stretch wrapping machines or stretch wrappers which work much faster than a hand stretch film. Machine wraps are much larger in length and width compared to hand stretch wraps. Although a stretch wrapper may seem a significant investment, they are cost effective in the long run as they can handle huge loads at high speeds, thus increasing the overall productivity. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a variety of machine stretch films which can be customized in terms of certain parameters to suit specific requirements. Our standard machine stretch wraps are suitable for a variety of stretch wrapper machines. We also offer wholesale options and the best deals on bulk orders.

    Types of Machine Stretch Wraps

    Just like there is a variety of stretch wrappers, such as ring, orbital, turnable, and so on, there are many variants of machine stretch films which can be used with one or more of these machine types. Most machines are partially or fully automated. These are especially useful for large scale productions which need to be packed and dispatched quickly. Here are the types of machine stretch wraps we offer:

    • Standard gauge films: Our standard gauge films offer a great stretching ability, tear resistance, and strength. Our standard machine wraps range from around 5000 to 9000 feet in length and 20 to 80 inches in width.
    • Pre-stretched films: This film can be pre-stretched to a certain percentage of its total stretching capacity. This especially is useful for machine wrapping as it saves the extra energy required for stretching while wrapping. This may be used for products where the cling required after wrapping would be minimal and the loads are light.
    • Opaque films: Unlike the usually transparent wraps, these ones are opaque so that the contents inside cannot be seen. Depending upon the level of opacity, these films may take up to 2-3 windings around a product to completely conceal it. This also protects the product from UV radiation and most other environmental elements.
    • Color coded films: These are color tinted wraps which are useful in case your business involves different types of wrapped products. These wraps are color coded so that the product can be easily distinguished.
    • Airflow films: The stretching ability of these film wraps is lesser than standard ones. These are usually used for storing packed foods in refrigerators, or frozen foods. The stretch here is minimal and they allow for the foods to breathe so that they remain fresh.

    Benefits of Our Machine Stretch Films

    Aside from long-term cost benefits, these stretch wraps have a lot of beneficial features. Here are some benefits of our stretch films for machines.

    • Using these stretch wraps for securing your load would certainly increase your speed and productivity.
    • Investing in a stretch wrapper is definitely worth and cost effective in the long run. Also, once you purchase a long this stretch wrap, it suffices for a long time to secure your loads. This indirectly helps save cost and frequency of buying these stretch wraps.
    • These machines are fully or partially automated and hence require minimal human intervention. They also save on labor cost and increase workers’ safety. This is because in case of hand stretch wraps, the workers have to manually wrap and go around the product for sufficient windings.
    • They are sturdy and tear resistant.

    Applications of Our Machine Stretch Films

    Here are some industries and areas where they find a large application:

    • Food & beverages
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing units
    • Shipping
    • Transportation
    • Electronics
    • Art and craft items
    • Warehousing and storage units

    Wholesale and Custom Options We Offer as a Reliable Machine Stretch Film Supplier

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer plenty of customization in terms of the type of stretch films, their length, and width to meet your exact requirements. Our experienced and efficient team can answer all the relevant questions you may have about our machine stretch wraps. You can share your requirements with them and after a detailed review they may offer suggestions as well as price estimates based on your budget and requirements. Only once you approve the changes or the type of film, they go ahead with it. Most manufacturers, retailers, and small and big businesses require these stretch wraps to keep their products safe, especially when loaded and unloaded on pallet racks. We offer good deals on bulk orders, and even if a single order comprises different types of stretch films.

    At BlueRose Packaging, we entirely design and manufacture all the types of stretch films at our well-equipped facility in Southern California. In case of any questions related to the functioning or pricing of our stretch films and so on, you can contact our team via phone or email. As a reliable machine stretch film supplier, we will be happy to assist you.