LDPE Tubing Rolls


Plastic packaging is widely used by many product manufacturers due to various advantages it offers. LDPE or low density polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics in packaging.

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    Plastic packaging is widely used by many product manufacturers due to various advantages it offers. LDPE or low density polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics in packaging. Tubing rolls are actually tube-like in the sense they are open from one end and need to be cut from the other end or at perforation depending on the product to be packed. Both the ends need to be sealed. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer premium quality, custom, and wholesale LDPE tubing rolls which are recyclable and hence ecofriendly. They protect your products from environmental factors, especially during transit. It is also suitable when storing products on pallet racks. It protects them from dirt, dust, and any other contamination. We offer custom options in terms of the roll thickness, color, length, strength to weight ratio, and more. These rolls are suitable for objects of odd shapes and length as well.

    Features and Types of LDPE Tubing Rolls Offered by BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer various types of LDPE tubing rolls in terms of thickness, transparency, length, and breadth. Here are some common features of the tubing rolls we offer.

    • These tubing rolls are thick, durable, and have a high impact resistance. The gauge or thickness usually ranges from 1 to 6 mil or more as required. They are wound around a roughly three-inch cylindrical core which makes it easy to dispense or just tear in case of perforation.
    • They are easy to pack and seal as well as economical.
    • Most of them are either translucent or completely transparent which enables you to get an idea of the contents inside. This largely depends on the application requirement.
    • This LDPE plastic is recyclable and reusable, and hence safe for the environment.
    • LDPE resists heat, moisture, and other environmental parameters, and hence can be easily sealed using a heat-based sealing machine. One can also use an adhesive tape or a stapler for packing.
    • Our LDPE tubing rolls have anti-static features, and hence they do not produce or react with static charge.

    Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your Custom LDPE Tubing Roll Requirements

    There are several benefits of souring these rolls from us. Here are some of them.

    • The obvious advantage of partnering with us is flexibility and customization. We listen to your requirements carefully before offering you even the pattern or prototype of custom tubing rolls.
    • You can choose any length, breadth, and thickness, and we will deliver it accordingly. We assist you with each product type and size.
    • We offer quick turnaround times without compromising on quality and accuracy.
    • We use the best quality of polyethylene, and at the same time are conscious of the environmental impact.
    • We offer FDA approved tubing rolls for packing of food items, medicines, and other healthcare items.

    Applications of Our LDPE Tubing Rolls

    These rolls are required in almost every industry where low- to medium- sized products need to be packaged safely for storage and shipping. The following are a few application areas of our tubing rolls.

    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Food & beverages
    • Plastic and paper products
    • Electronic goods
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Mechanical devices

    Wholesale LDPE Tubing Roll Options

    At BlueRose Packaging, we offer customized and wholesale LDPE tubing rolls. Depending on the product types you want to pack, you can get the custom tubing rolls in required thicknesses, breadth, length, and so on. If you have a bulk requirement, you can fulfill the same for you at wholesale rates, even if there are multiple custom requirements.

    We have an excellent team at BlueRose Packaging who can assist you with the selection process as well as answer your technical queries or any other doubts you may have regarding our LDPE tubing rolls. If you want to make an enquiry or share your requirements, you can contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to assist you.