Corrugated POP Displays


Corrugated displays are widely used for point of sale (POS) displays, and they are used to market the products at retail stores.

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    Corrugated displays are widely used for point of sale (POS) displays, and they are used to market the products at retail stores. Customized in eye-catching graphics, colorful prints, and heights, these displays are ideal to draw the attention of your prospective customers and encouraging them to buy at the store. At BlueRose Packaging, we specialize in high-quality custom corrugated displays, which are custom built to suit your promotional requirements.

    Our custom corrugated displays feature three or more layers, which offer structure and strength. The displays feature fluting between outer and inner liners. This fluting creates a rippled shape in the center, which contributes to the durability and reliability of these displays over regular cardboard displays. No matter, how complex is your need for custom corrugated retail displays, our team can serve you better. We have acquired extensive experience in designing and manufacturing corrugated retail displays that are not only attractive but also offer the best value for investment. You can contact us today to understand how our corrugated POP display solutions can bring you the best results.

    Types of Custom Corrugated Displays Provided by BlueRose Packaging

    At BlueRose Packaging, we specialize in the following types of custom corrugated displays.

    • Corrugated POP Displays: Point-of-Purchase displays (POP) are the common type of displays, which are generally placed near the marketed items. They are often kept separate from shelving. BlueRose Packaging is known for its creative and performance-driven corrugated POP displays.
    • Corrugated Pallet Displays: Under this, we can provide several types of corrugated pallet displays including:
      • Quarter-pallet Displays: These custom corrugated displays assure one-side product access. They can hold products of significant weight. They are quarter-sized, thus the name.
      • Half-pallet Displays: These displays are half the size of full-pallet displays and provide one-sided access to customers and are designed for specialty, as well as retail stores. Our clients use these half-pallet displays to display the product or to present their new products through images.
      • Full-pallet Displays: They are used as full pallet displays to display physical products in retail stores. Generally, these displays are positioned in main aisles, and they allow users to access the displays from various sides. The displays can be printed with information on all sides, and they make an impressive source for visual merchandising. They are suited for visual merchandising in both small and large retail stores.
      • Pallet Skirts and Pallet Wraps: These displays are usually kept closer to pallets and they improve customer experience effectively. Pallet skirts and pallet wraps are usually visible from long distances due to their size. They are placed near pallets such that people can see them from all corners of the store. We can provide these corrugated pallet displays in any size and customization to meet your application requirements.
    • Corrugated Floor Displays: Corrugated floor displays are one of the most popular corrugated retail displays offered by us. These displays are generally lightweight, and they are often used as a replacement for steel or small plastic racks used in retail stores. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your application requirements. They are perfect for displaying products in moderate quantities. Our clients often prefer keeping them in areas where they get the maximum attention. These displays do not add much weight to the product displays and can be easily moved during the cleaning and other purposes.
    • Corrugated Dump Bins: We provide corrugated dump bins that can hold small items in bulk. These dump bins are distinguished by their open tops and are often placed at the entrance of the retail store, near the checkout counter, or other high-traffic areas within the store to encourage impulse purchases. We can provide these corrugated dump bins with a wide range of customizations to meet your specific application requirements. Classic and hexagon shapes are most popular with our customers.

    Customization Capabilities of Corrugated Retail Displays

    The following features our customization services that have been best utilized by our clients to build sturdy and durable retail displays.

    • Corrugated counter displays are made of cardboard with different flute styles such as C flute, B flute, F flute, and E flute.
    • They can be availed with custom coatings such as AQ, UV, and stain.
    • We provide them in material burst strengths varying from 125 lb to 500 lb.

    Benefits of Custom Corrugated Displays

    We regularly design and manufacture corrugated POP displays for promotional and in-store advertising purposes.

    • Sturdy: Although made of corrugated material, all our corrugated POP displays and floor displays are sturdy. They are made of a thick corrugated board, which can stand upright without sagging. The corrugated boards used for making these displays are created from materials of different burst strengths, which helps improve their sturdiness and keeps them fresh for a long time.
    • Inexpensive: All corrugated retail displays can be used in-store displays as well as tradeshows and outdoor events for a brief period.
    • High Level of Customizability: The corrugated displays can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and innovative designs to attract customer attention.
    • Lightweight: Corrugated material used in these displays are sturdy, yet lightweight. This makes it easy to move them and rearrange them as per convenience. Unlike regular steel and plastic pallet displays, Corrugated displays can be easily moved anywhere inside the store with minimal effort – with or without the products being arranged on them.
    • Uniqueness: Although plastic or metal displays have been used for a long time for in-store promotions, the corrugated displays look and they lend a feeling of freshness to products displayed on them.
    • Impressive All Times: Being made in different heights, Corrugated POP displays are easily noticeable from a long distance.The displays are used for special promotions and are often kept closer to the point-of-sale purchases. People who are standing in line for payment will notice these displays, and this increases the chances of a sale.
    • Reusable and Flexible: You can use these displays multiple times or perhaps at a stretch for up to a year to display various products. They offer the flexibility of multiple displays. You can use them to display products of your latest campaign, seasonal products, or newest products.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Corrugated Displays

    At BlueRose Packaging, we have designed, built, and delivered thousands of corrugated displays over the years. The following are a few key questions that our experts often answer to the clients who approach us with their requirements.

    • Can I store moderately weighted products on these corrugated displays?

    Yes, you can store moderately weighted products on these corrugated displays. However, those products can be stored in only small numbers. Although known for durability, it is not recommended to over stack them with weighted products. If you plan to use them to display material made of glass then can add some reinforcement to it.

    • Can I use these corrugated counter displays to showcase multiple product SKUs?

    Yes, you can use these corrugated counter displays to showcase multiple product SKUs. For this, you need to decide the type of products that you may want to display. For instance, many clients approach us with their ideas of displaying similar or dissimilar products. This gives us a better understanding of the designs to be made.

    • What if I do not have an idea about the display dimensions, can your team help me with the right display dimensions?

    Yes, we can help you in choosing the right display dimensions. Our experts will work closely with you to understand the store footprint, its dimensions, and the right type of displays to adorn it. Else, you can let us know any preferences that you have in mind or have seen at others stores.

    • What is the shelf life of these displays? Can I use them for a year?

    The shelf life of these displays will depend on the type of display you choose, the material used for construction, and several other factors. You can use them for both – permanent and temporary displays. This means you can use them for a few months or weeks. You can even use them for a year.

    • How do you ship these corrugated POP displays?

    We can ship you these displays unassembled or assembled depending on the requirement. We can also send them partially assembled. Our experts will help you assemble them fully, in case of any confusion.

    • What type of printing options do you offer on these corrugated POP displays?

    We provide direct printing as well as lithographic printing on these corrugated POP displays.

    • Do I need to take any specific precautions for corrugated display boxes to be used in stores for a long time?

    We always recommend our customers to keep these displays in dry places away from products that may impart moisture. We also recommend our clients to use UV-coated displays if they wish to use them for a long time. This is because UV coating will prevent the colors of the graphics from fading in the long term.

    • Do you offer corrugated display boxes with inserts?

    Yes, we provide display boxes with inserts. These inserts can be made of materials such as foam, corrugated, and paperboard materials.

    • Can I send these corrugated display boxes with recycling at the end of their shelf life?

    You can send them for recycling at the end of their shelf life.

    Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements for corrugated retail displays. Our experts will help you build the right solution to meet your visual merchandising requirements.