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We offer an extensive variety of stretch film and stretch wrap. Whether for machine or hand use, our Products come in various strengths and colors for different specific industry needs. Contact us at for more information!


Clear with good hold and uniform layering. Good amount of resistant and quiet application.


Good hold and good amount strong puncture resistance. Not quiet application, but good for irregular packaging.


Clear with good hold and good amount strong puncture resistance. Quiet application and great for irregular packaging and more density which demands less material use.

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Choose your Gauge based on weight:

UP TO 4,000 LBS. – 120 gauge
UP TO 3,000 LBS. – 90 gauge
UP TO 2,500 LBS. – 80 gauge
UP TO 2,000 LBS. – 70 gauge
UP TO 1,600 LBS. – 60 gauge

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If you would like to save some money for your company, contact us at or call us at 877.808.4698 for a quote NOW!