Wood Crates

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Wood Crate

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Wooden Crates of all configuration and purpose

A Frame Crate

Wooden Crates and Special Designs including A Frames or HT Wooden Glass Crates

Crates for Commercial Use

Window Frame Crates
Window Frame Crates

Wood Crates Decks for overweight

4 Ton Objects, requiring special wooden crates and crating.

Crates for Medical Industry

Medical Instruments require custom built Wood Crates

Wood Crate with Fab Cushioning

Many products require special cushioning and custom cutting for your wood crates. We have design specialist available.


Wooden Crates

Wood Crates

Window Frame Crates
Window Frame Crates

Foam Pallet
Foam Pallets






Wooden Crates

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Wooden Crates are manufactured in So. California.  We are the expert leader in designing, producing, and manufacturing wood crates for all purposes, and fully equipped to custom build the perfect wood crate for any industrial, commercial, or military application.  BlueRose Packaging is equipped to produce custom wooden crates that your industry needs for shipping and to ensure your products arrive in same condition. Whether you need slotted padding for medical and dental equipment, soft and thick padding for glass valuables and other fragile items, or wood crates with special hinges, doors, or drawers, get anything you need from the experts in wood shipping crates.

Wooden Crates is the only solution when cardboard or plastic crates just won't do.  BlueRose Packaging Crates builds reliable, strongly built, and inexpensive wooden crates. BlueRose Packaging is the premier crate manufacturer in So. Cal. and packaging supply company.  We manufacture and distribute all shapes, sizes, and styles of wooden crates, poly foam packaging materials, foam cushions, including fabrication, packaging tape and anything else you could possibly need for your packaging needs. Our wooden crate material is Heat Treated, complying with the ISPM-15 criteria. 

With several companies in need of heat treated(HT) wood crates and other high quality packaging materials in Southern California, BlueRose Packaging is capable, ready, and willing to ship wood crates to anywhere in Southern California, and around the globe. From Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County, down to Anaheim, Long Beach, San Bernardino, and even San Diego, BlueRose Packaging would be happy to quickly deliver wood crates to your home or business in Southern California, and can also ship internationally. No matter what industry and need wood crates, BlueRose Packaging has the right option for you or your business. All wooden crates are heat treated and tested in every way needed to gain approval by all International shipping standards.

BlueRose Packaging has extensive experience in the design of international wooden export packaging complete with barrier bags and desiccant and is ISPM 15 export certified for wood packing material requirements.

ISPM 15 is a standard developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat solid wood materials used to manufacture international shipping crates. IPPC governs all wood packaging material (pallets, crates, dunnages, etc) destined for export packaging, required to be treated with heat or fumigated with methyl bromide and marked with a seal of compliance. This seal of compliance is often referred to as the “bug stamp, or HT Stamp.”

All lumber purchased by BlueRose Packaging for crating, meets or exceeds the ISPM-15 standard for heat treatment requirements for export shipments. We will apply our registered ISPM-15 compliant “IPPC-HT” stamp to any of our wooden crates, and pallets specified for export packaging.

Completely stocked with all of the materials needed to produce any number of different sized, custom wooden crates, with different padding options, inner separators or shelves. Go online today and check out the Blue Rose Packaging website, where anything you could possibly need for packaging and shipping with wood crates is readily available, and inexpensive compared to other the other suppliers of wood crates. This is because BlueRose Packaging expertly builds their own custom wood crates, and gets everything that they do not produce themselves directly from the manufacturers, which directly affects the prices you pay for wood crates by cutting out any middle man costs. So the next time you need to move your fragile priceless valuables from your old home to the new, or you need to ship expensive equipment across the country, you can count on BlueRose Packaging's heat treated wooden crates to protect your belongings and last long time.

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