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Packaging boxes which are widely used during transportation, shipping, home deliveries, and so on are made of corrugated boards. Corrugated boxes offer structural and dimensional stability to the product inside and keep them safe from damage. Corrugated implies a few layers of the carton material, and is made of heavy paper pulp. In today's highly competitive business environment, it is imperative to differentiate yourself from the rest. When it comes to packaging your products, custom corrugated boxes present an exceptional chance to make a memorable impact on your customers. These boxes not only ensure protection and functionality but also act as a potent branding instrument, setting your products apart from the competition with a distinct identity. At BlueRose Packaging, we use specially engineered designs to make custom corrugated boxes based on the size and printing content. It’s hard to beat our wholesale corrugated boxes if you are looking for cost-effective packaging solutions. Our corrugated boxes fulfill the requirements of virtually any industry and packaging specifications. Our wholesale custom corrugated boxes keep your products safe, especially when in transit, and are a great value addition in terms of branding and merchandising your product.

If you are a manufacturer and supplier or a packaging and delivery partner, you may need wholesale corrugated boxes at competitive prices. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom wholesale corrugated boxes at the best prices. We believe in making custom corrugated boxes to suit each application requirement. We prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else. This has helped us build a strong footprint across the US. Our strong presence at Los, Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside, CA enable us to cater diverse client requirements throughout the US effectively. You can reach us on phone or email if you have any questions pertaining to our wholesale corrugated boxes and the customization you require. Our team will be happy to assist you and answer all the relevant questions.

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Features and Styles of Wholesale Corrugated Boxes at BlueRose Packaging

These corrugated boxes are designed to be resistant to shocks, vibration, moisture, and other such parameters. Not all businesses and products have equal needs, that’s why at BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom corrugated boxes after a comprehensive understating of your requirements such as type of packaging, weight, composition, and so on. We offer end-to-end solutions right from the material selection to design to shipping. Our design team helps you select the right packaging materials and decide on other aspects which help you get the best packaging boxes. Here are some features of our wholesale custom corrugated boxes and why you may want to source your boxes from us:
  • As mentioned, our corrugated boxes are resistant to various environmental parameters such as moisture and heat, as well as shocks and vibration experienced in transit.
  • We create a design with the necessary braces and inserts which will keep your product from moving during transit.
  • We provide corrugated boxes in different thicknesses such as single, double or triple walled packaging boxes.
  • We offer patterns such as RSC, HSC, Flap-over, Open Panel, 5Panel, FOL, RETT, Self-Locking,Telescopic, and more.
  • We offer many special boxes such as Mil-Specs of various types. These are specifically designed for military packaging, and made as per the ASTM-D5118 standards.
    • W5C boxes: These are heavy duty boxes with weather resistance, perfect for handling and shipping bulky products.
    • D5118 boxes: ASTM-D5118 is a fabrication standard for these boxes, which we comply with.
    • WPA Boxes: These boxes have the highest level of wet strength or water protection capacity. Wet strength for corrugated boxes is defined, and there are boxes with medium wet strength and just moisture resistance. WPA stands for water proof adhesive, which means this adhesive enables the boxes to be refrigerated or stored in a moist environment, rain, and so on, without affecting the contents inside.
  • We can custom-make a box to fit virtually anything.  In terms of size, we can make them small, medium or large, and everything in between depending on your requirement.
  • We offer short runs on wholesale corrugated boxes and sizes
  • In case you want to promote or brand your product, we can print the required content on our boxes which has helped many clients in terms of marketing and branding.
  • We offer full design, manufacturing, and warehousing services. In addition, we offer a number of lean manufacturing options, including just-in-time (JIT) deliveries and vendor-managed inventory (VMI) to provide you with a seamless service.
  • Our highly competitive prices and short lead times are standard for us, and we achieve all of this without compromising on quality.
  • Our quick turnaround time enables you to decrease the time to market for your products.
Wholesale Custom Corrugated Boxes
Wholesale Custom Corrugated Boxes

Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Wholesale Custom Corrugated Boxes for Your Application

We offer a huge variety of quality packaging materials to fulfill your packaging needs. However, making the right selection can be overwhelming at time. So, we help you select the right material based on your budget and requirements. The main source of corrugated boxes is trees, and hence it comes under sustainable packaging and is environmentally friendly. Old corrugated boxes can be made compact and recycled for reuse. You can send your old corrugated boxes to a paper and pulp manufacturing unit, where it is put into a re-pulper and blended again to form a pulp. While the basic material is sourced from trees, these are some factors considered when making a corrugated box:
  • Type of Board: This may be single, double, or triple wall. A single walled board is good enough for packaging several materials such as retail items. A triple wall may be required for only sensitive or fragile materials for extra protection, which may include some industrial parts and components. Basically in triple wall, there are four layers of liner glued to each other. In double wall, there are three such sheets. They are more appropriate for storing an item such as a heavy ceramic counter top.
  • Board Grade: The grade is decided upon the application requirement, such as impact resistance, weight and pressure bearing capacity, and so on. The board is tested for pressure resistance, if it is crush proof, and so on. These parameters are commonly required in warehouses, where packaging boxes along with the product need to be stacked on shelves in a vertical manner.
  • Flute Profile: This indicated the wall thickness, the thickest one being around 5mm. Flutes are categorized into A, B, C, E, and F, wherein A is the thickest flute size and the thickness reduces further with B onward.
  • Dimensions: This would depend on the type and size of the material that you would like to carry in these boxes. This information shared by you will help our team to determine the inner and outer dimensions of the box.
  • Plain or Printed Boxes: Custom corrugated boxes offer a great opportunity to brand your services or products. We provide different types of printing services including flood coating, 1 through 5 color printing, and lithograph application.

Benefits of Using Custom Corrugated Boxes

There are many benefits of using custom corrugated boxes, and it is best when you partner with one manufacturer to maintain consistency. Across the globe corrugated boards are the most accepted form of packaging among businesses and packaging partners because of many reasons. Here are some benefits listed:
  • They are lightweight and robust at the same time. This makes them handy, easy to carry and transport without damaging the product inside.
  • When customizing, you can choose the thickness and size based on your requirement which leads to the best possible fitment and positioning of the product inside.
  • They are cost effective and sustainable in terms of the environment. Their material is easily available, and can be recycled and reused.
  • It is easy to print your logo or product information on these boxes.
  • They are available in varied colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, and can be customized in almost all these aspects.
  • Once the product inside is removed, they can be easily folded and kept aside for reuse, and it occupies minimal space. You can also give it away for recycling.

Applications of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Our wholesale corrugated boxes are used in almost all segments across industries. Here are some of the application areas:
  • Packaging anything from retail supplies to electronic goods, glassware, plastic, and several other materials
  • Storage in inventories and warehouses of businesses
  • Transportation, shipping, and dispatch of parcels

FAQs for Wholesale Custom Corrugated Boxes

  1. What information is needed to request a quote for custom corrugated boxes?

    You must share the details, such as L x W x H (length x width x height). Here, the length (L) is the longest open side of the box, and the width (W) is the shortest side. The height is the dimension of the box without a flap. Remember, the height dimensions mustn’t include the flaps. In addition to this, you must share the details such as the required board grade, flute, board color, quantity, and so on. We can accept the manufacturing variance of +/- 1/8".

  2. Should I provide the inside or outside dimensions of the corrugated box?

    According to the packaging requirements, it is the inside dimension that matters the most. This is because, when you are packing a product, it should precisely fit into the box.

  3. How do you determine the strength of the corrugated box?

    You must indicate the estimated product weight, which will help us make the box of that particular strength.

  4. What corrugated box styles are offered by BlueRose Packaging?

    We offer patterns such as RSC, HSC, Flap-over, Open Panel, 5Panel, FOL, RETT, Self-Locking, Telescopic, and more.

  5. Do you offer custom printing on wholesale corrugated boxes?

    Yes, we offer custom printing on corrugated boxes. We provide different types of printing services, including flood coating, 1 through 5 color printing, and lithograph application. You can print your logo, as well as other product information, on these boxes.

  6. How much do custom corrugated boxes cost?

    The costs of customized corrugated boxes will differ based on your requirements. The costs would differ based on the complexity of the designs. Some boxes may require unique die cuts or special printing, which will add to the costs. You can get in touch with our team today to receive the quote.

  7. Can corrugated boxes withstand loads and long shipping days?

    Yes, they can. We provide single, double, and triple-walled boxes, which can withstand loads and long shipping hours. In addition, we can build them in different flute profiles - A, B, C, E, and F, where A is the thickest and F is the thinnest flute profile.

  8. Can we recycle these corrugated boxes?

    Our corrugated boxes are made of recycled material, which improves their recyclability after the use.

  9. Can I order wholesale custom corrugated boxes for reselling?

    Yes, you can order. We get many orders from resellers. Unfortunately, we do not have a reseller program in place, you can still get in touch with our team to learn more about wholesale custom corrugated boxes.

  10. Do these wholesale corrugated boxes add to shipping costs?

    No, they do not. These boxes are made from lightweight corrugated material and do not add to shipping costs.