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Direct Thermal Labels 4″ x 6″

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels 4″ x 6″ come with many variations to application requirements and it’s easy to overlook critical specifications — Although our 4 x 6 Label looks very much alike to all labels, our critical specifications are tough to match. Our labels have merits of high sensitivity, ultra-white and high print contrast facestock for superb quality images, maximum printability and reliable error-free scan. No ribbons are required; more cost effective and environment friendly. Our Direct Thermal Labels are ideal for case labeling, receiving, shipping and work-in-process labels, suitable for flexography and thermal printing systems and has an excellent barcode print performance. The patented permanent rubber base hot melt adhesive is an Environment Friendly Adhesive with excellent tack and ultimate adhesion to a variety of clean substrates including polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, metal, glass, paper and corrugate. Suitable for freezing, damp labeling applications, under room temperatures.

A rare combination of critical and valuable specifications:
* Scratch & Smear Resistant –
* Freezer Temp of -55C – 65C below Zero Adhesive
* Loop Tack – 15-20 N
* 180 degree Strength 7-8 N/CM
* Base Weigh: 70+/-3 g/m2
* Caliper: 72+/-3 um
* Shelf Life: 6 months to a year @ 23+/-2 degree C – RH 50%

Sold in Pallets — awesome pricing improves on increased Pallet Count

Our special labels have not been sitting on warehouse shelves for weeks. The demand is high and we’re restocking as quick as we’re supplying new and repeat customers.


4″ x 6″ DT RollsPerforated3″ Core1000 Labels/Roll4 Rolls/Carton
4″ x 6″ DT FanfoldPerforated2 Labels / Fold
2000 Labels/Stack
4000 Labels/Carton1 Stacks/Carton
Packaged and Compatible with most Direct Thermal Printers, Zebra, Dymo, Rollo, Munbyn, Sato, Datamax, Toshiba, Honeywell, Inkjet, Laser.