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Anti-Static Poly Tubing Rolls

Anti-Static Poly Tubing Rolls

Anti-static poly tubing rolls are versatile packaging materials made from a continuous tube of polyethylene (poly) film that has been specially treated with additives to prevent static electricity buildup and discharge. These rolls are specifically designed to provide flexible and customizable packaging solutions for a wide variety of products.

With anti-static poly tubing rolls, you can easily create bags or sleeves of any desired length by cutting and sealing the tubing accordingly. This flexibility makes them ideal for packaging items of varying sizes, shapes, or lengths. Whether you need to protect electronic components, delicate materials, or irregularly shaped items, anti-static poly tubing rolls offer a practical solution.

We, at BlueRose Packaging, offer high-quality pink anti-static poly tubing rolls for packing various electrical components. These anti-static poly tubing rolls are provided in multiple sizes, and they can be efficiently utilized for your special electronic packaging requirements. We can offer them in standard and custom sizes as per the requirement. Our custom anti-static poly tubing rolls are ideal for packing objects of various shapes that do not conform to standard anti-static poly tubing rolls.

Wholesale Anti-Static Poly Tubing Roll Offered by BlueRose Packaging

We serve clients from the electronics industry who order anti-static poly tubing rolls in bulk. We assure the best wholesale prices on these rolls. Our special pricing allows them to stock these rolls in bulk and save on their waiting times, and speed up their time-to-market capabilities in a certain way. You can order a wide variety of anti-static poly tubing rolls as per your business requirement. Therefore, we can offer you the best prices, whether it is a bulk order of a single roll size or a single order comprising poly tubing rolls in assorted sizes. If you come across any questions regarding our anti-static poly tubing rolls, then please reach out to us via e-mail or phone. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you and will guide you through the entire process.

Features of Anti-Static Polly Tubing Rolls Provided by BlueRose Packaging

As a manufacturer or a supply chain and delivery professional, you may require an anti-static poly tubing roll for protecting your electrical products during storage and transportation. Our anti-static poly tubing rolls serve as the best choice for all those occasions. These rolls have been preferred for the following reasons.

  • We offer lightweight yet strong anti-static poly bag rolls.
  • These rolls are primarily available in light pink color and contain additives, which help minimize the hazards of static damage during storage and shipping.
  • Anti-static poly bags are made from anti-static material, which is amine-free.
  • Our selection also features plain anti-static poly rolls with adhesives on single and both sides.
  • We can also provide pink anti-static flat bags and anti-static reclosable bags.
  • These bags can resist UV rays, ozone, chemicals, and other sources that generate static electricity.
  • They offer excellent performance in low humidity conditions.
  • These bags are ideal for packing electronic items of various sizes and can be taped or heat sealed at ends for protecting your electronic items.

Applications of Anti-Static Polly Tubing Rolls

Our custom anti-static poly tubing rolls are used for storing and shipping the following electronic products:

  • Motherboards
  • Diodes
  • Machine Components
  • Remotes
  • Ethernet Cables
  • RAM Chips
  • Adapters
  • Hard Drives and Pen Drives

Frequently Asked Questions about Anti-Static Poly Tubing Rolls

Every year, we process vast orders of wholesale anti-static poly tubing rolls. We specialize in custom anti-static poly tubing rolls, and our experts always help clients to find suitable tubing for their needs. The following are some general queries that our experts often get to answer while assisting clients with their purchases.

What are the different sizes of anti-static poly tubing rolls offered by you?

We offer our anti-static poly bags in custom sizes to meet your typical packaging requirements. You can get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

Do you take bulk orders?

We offer anti-static poly tubing rolls in bulk as per the client’s requirement.

How many products can be covered in a single roll?

This will depend upon the size of the product. It can be used to cover more number of small electronic components and if the product size is large then it can be used to cover lesser products.

Can I use any shape of electronic component for packing it using anti-static poly tubing rolls?

You can surely pack an electrical component of any shape in anti-static poly tubing roll bags.