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Cast Stretch Films

Cast Stretch Films

If you have got plenty of boxes, cartons and other items that need to be stored and shipped safely, then you will certainly benefit from cast stretch films. Cast hand stretch film is a type of stretch films packaging material commonly used in various industries. Manufacturers produce it through a cast extrusion process, extruding melted resin onto a chill roll to create a thin, flat sheet.

At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a wide range of stretch films packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. Cast stretch film is a type of packaging material commonly used for securing and protecting goods during transit or storage. Through a cast extrusion process, we manufacture the film by extruding melted resin onto a chill roll to create a thin, flat sheet. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer the finest range of cast stretch wraps in rolls made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) or LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). Being a reliable wholesale shipping and packaging Supplies Company, we guarantee competitive prices and quick lead times for stretch films packaging.

Features of Cast Stretch Films Offered by BlueRose Packaging

Stretch films are the most popular packing materials used by companies, but many people don’t know its effectiveness. It makes your products more organized and secure during transport. With stretch films, you can wrap your products tightly and prevent them from falling off. A few of the notable features of stretch films are:

  • They are manufactured in multi-layer versions.
  • Thin gauge films offer significant performance and cost savings.
  • Our cast stretch films possess best-in-class load holding power.
  • They come with single-sided or two-sided cling formulations.
  • These films possess excellent gauge control.
  • Cast stretch films are machine stretchable at 275%.
  • These films are produced in gauges from 60 to 120.

Benefits of Cast Stretch Films by BlueRose Packaging

Our range of cast stretch wraps have gained immense gained popularity because of its low cost, high versatility, and excellent load retention features. The other benefits associated with this packaging supplies are:

  • Stretch films are highly valued for their ability to stretch to several times their original length without breaking.
  • The stretch wrapper primarily protects pallets and packages from damage while also enhancing the overall appearance of the packed products.
  • Our stretch films can prevent the ingress of moisture content inside the packaging as wetness can cause a host of problems including rust, mold and mildew growth and even insect infestations.
  • These stretch films are essentially flexible and thin polyethylene plastic films that undergo heat treatment to stretch and then contract, forming a tight seal around the package contents.
  • The film stretches to accommodate various shapes and sizes of products, while keeping other characteristics in mind like load strength and the tear resistance.
  • Cast stretch films can be cut easily to length with shears or a perforator.
  • They are advantageous than several other kinds of packaging wraps available in terms of durability, environmental friendliness and production speed.
  • Stretch films also provide two-sided cling, which impart an added protection to the items packed.
  • A cast wrapping machine easily wraps them around the pallet or the product.
  • The film can easily remove from the pallet or the product without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Stretch films can pack all kinds of heavy to irregularly shaped items.
  • Users will be able to see the contents clearly because of the clarity of the stretch wraps. This also helps for displaying products or reading bar codes clearly.
  • They are quiet to unwind.
  • Stretch wraps protect products from environmental elements and shield goods from UV.
  • If properly wind, these films help in extending the shelf life of goods that are perishable in nature

Applications of BlueRose Packaging Cast Stretch Wrap

Our stretch wraps are ideal for securing:

  • Wooden pallets
  • Steel pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • Glass pallets
  • Reusable containers
  • Bulk bags
  • Paper cartons
  • Heavy equipment
  • Wood products

Avail Wholesale Cast Stretch Wrap from BlueRose Packaging at the Best Deals 

We prioritize quality, innovation, and perfection to assure a complete customer satisfaction. Skilled personnel strictly supervise the production of our cast stretch films in accordance with industry standards. Furthermore, the industry highly values and demands our stretch films due to their flexibility and long-lasting finish standards. We assure attractive savings on wholesale cast stretch wraps. Our experts provide tailored pricing on all orders. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.