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Clear Poly Sheeting

Clear Poly Sheeting

Clear poly sheet is the most common poly sheeting used for packaging across industries. These sheets are made using polyethylene and offer visual clarity on the packaged items. The sheeting is used as a drop cloth, vapor barrier, or to cover various items. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide high-quality poly sheets for various packaging applications in different sizes, thicknesses, core sizes, and weights to meet your packaging requirements. We offer the best prices on wholesale clear poly sheeting. Contact our team today to discuss your clear poly sheeting requirements.

Features of Clear Poly Sheeting Offered by BlueRose Packaging

Clear poly sheets are practical and versatile packaging options for many reasons. They are used for various types of packaging. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide clear poly sheeting with the following specifications.

  • All rolls are offered on 3-inch cores in three common thicknesses – 2 Mil, 4 Mil, and 6 Mil.
    • 2 Mill sheets are thin and used as a dust cover to protect items while painting or while moving certain things across storage areas or warehouses.
    • 4 Mil makes an ideal cover for machinery and heavy-duty equipment, and offers a protective barrier from vapor, dust, paint, and moisture.
    • 6 Mil is used for heavy-duty wrapping of items during storage and shipping. These sheets offer a protective barrier from vapor, moisture, dust contaminants, painting, and so on.
  • All these sheets are offered folded in half on the roll and can be multi-folded or center folded for easy storage.
  • These clear poly sheets are provided on rolls up to 200 feet in length and 13 feet in width.
  • We can customize the clear poly sheeting with brand information making it ideal for promotional purposes.
  • Based on the request, we can provide the clear poly sheeting in perforations, thereby making it easy to tear them in to required lengths from the roll.
  • Additionally, we can provide these sheets with punched holes, and micro perforations, which helps improve the breathability and avoid fogging or misting.

Benefits of Clear Poly Sheeting

We believe the following benefits of clear poly sheeting still make them popular after all these years.

  • Protection: Polyethylene sheets are durable and can resist moisture, chemical splashes, and punctures. These properties help protect the products during storage and transport.
  • Cost Effective: Poly sheets are affordable compared to many other packaging materials, which makes them an ideal option for businesses planning to reduce their packaging costs.
  • Visibility: Poly sheets offer a clear view of the stored materials, which can be helpful in retail settings, or in warehouses where products may be stored in bulk.
  • Environmental Concerns: Polyethylene used for making clear poly sheets are recyclable, which helps reduce plastic waste and meet the organization’s sustainability requirements.
  • Versatility: Clear poly sheeting can be used to package various items, from food to furniture to electronics. You can easily cut these sheets to form the shape of the object.

Wholesale Clear Poly Sheeting

We work with clients with high-volume shipping and storage requirements. They always order these clear poly sheeting in bulk. These big orders help them to stay prepared for urgent deliveries or storage requirements and keep their packaging costs low. We assure custom prices on wholesale clear poly sheeting.  Call us today to discuss your needs, and our experts will help you with the right selection and guide you with bulk orders.