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Five Panel Folder Boxes

Corrugated five panel folder boxes are long and sturdy boxes which are easy to assemble and can be simply wrapped around the required object or merchandise. They are especially useful such items are being shipped or in transit. These simple cardboard boxes are customizable to suit specific packaging requirements. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom and wholesale five panel folder boxes to suit your specific requirements, especially in terms of length, thickness, width, depth, and material. As a quality centric organization, we perform stringent inspection techniques for all the types of five panel folder boxes we offer. Over the years, we have developed expertise in this segment, and this enables us to deliver custom corrugated five panel folder boxes within the specified parameters and timeframe.

Features of Our Five Panel Folder Boxes

We, at BlueRose Packaging, mainly offer panel boxes made of corrugated cardboard, which makes them strong and reasonably resistant to moisture, heat, vibration, and so on. This is especially useful for packing long items when in transit. Here are some types and features of the five panel folder boxes we offer.

  • While most boxes have four panels, these boxes are called five panel or 5P boxes because they have a fifth panel or a flap which encloses the already covered item including the side panels. So, you simply need to wrap the fifth panel across and seal it. They can be sealed with a simple adhesive tape or glued.
  • They may be die cut or perforated, depending on the requirement.
  • Aside from corrugated cardboard, we also offer material options such as Kraft paper, recycled paper, and so on depending on the weight and size of the item.
  • These long, robust boxes have a good load bearing capacity and can be used for packaging any lengthy or spread out items such as railing used in infrastructure projects, metal rods, food items, sports gear, fishing poles, displays and boards for promotion, mats, rugs, canvases, and so on.
  • They are made from a single cardboard and do not have any joints, which makes them sturdy. They have overlapping flaps which safely are wrapped around the items to keep them free of any jolts and vibration when in transit.
  • Our corrugated cardboard five panel boxes are offered in a variety of coatings, which gives them a smooth finish. These include lamination, UV coating, foil printing, and embossing.

Benefits of Sourcing Five Panel Boxes from Us

A major benefit of these boxes is they hold your item inside well and hence you can be assured of its safety. Here are some benefits of sourcing these 5P boxes from us.

  • We offer a whole lot of custom options and hence have an edge over our competitors.
  • We can turn these boxes into a branding tool for your product through our surface finishes, colors, printing options, and more.
  • We offer prototypes to all our clients and seek an approval before beginning a full-volume production.
  • We offer suggestions based on your requirements and budget.
  • Even when we are focused on quality, we stick to our deadlines and deliver on time as discussed with the client.

Applications of Our Five Panel Folder Boxes

As mentioned, 5 panel folder boxes are typically suitable for long items such as bats, hockey sticks, flooring, mats, panels, electronic appliances, and so on. Here are some of their application areas:

  • Food & beverages
  • Retail
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sports gear
  • Art and craft items
  • Gardening tools
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Textiles


  1. Do you offer printing options?

Yes, we can print the information and logo you require on the box, which will help you highlight your brand. We use various printing techniques such as CMYK and 4K.

  • Do you offer custom 5P folder boxes?

Yes, we offer plenty of customization. You can choose all the parameters such as material, color, dimensions, and so on, and we will deliver accordingly.

  • How sturdy are 5P boxes?

These are sturdy enough to safely carry your items through whichever mode of transport they are shipped. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are tough enough to resist heat, vibration, moisture, and so on.

  • How do we know the costing of our custom boxes?

Once you share your requirements with us, we can offer you a quick quote. Also, we offer suggestions regarding materials and other aspects after considering your budget.

Custom Options and Wholesale Five Panel Folder Boxes We Offer

At BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom corrugated five panel folder boxes to suit your specific requirements and keep your products safe in transit. Volume is not an issue for us and we are capable of producing high volumes of these boxes. If you constantly need to ship such long products, you may want these in bulk. We offer best deals on bulk orders. We offer wholesale five panel folder boxes even if it means manufacturing them in varied lengths and sizes for one client.