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Knock Down Wooden Crates

Knock Down Wooden Crates

Wooden crates have been used widely for shipping delicate, as well as heavier objects for several years now. These crates are made of sturdy material and are built to specifications. Most wooden shipping crates take a lot of space in warehouses or storage areas where they are stocked. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide knock down crates that can be dismantled easily for long-term storage, packaging and shipping. Being made of sturdy materials, you can stock them for a long time and reuse them whenever needed. We can provide most wooden shipping crates in this knock down design. Contact us today at for more information.

Features of Knock Down Wooden Crates Offered by BlueRose Packaging

We can design knock down wooden crates in standard and custom specifications to meet your diverse application requirements. The following features of knock down crates make them popular among our clients.

  • The knock down crates can be customized with brand information on one of the front doors.
  • We can provide them with steel plates, saddles, and foams if you wish to use them at tradeshow venues for displays.
  • The panels offered with the knock down crates can be adjusted based on the size and length of the product.
  • We can provide them with gussets to improve their strength and rigidity.
  • If required we can paint knock down crates in any color of your choice as this helps improve their aesthetic appeal and increase their lifespan.

Benefits of Knock Down Crates

There are several benefits of choosing knock down crates over other regular shipping crates, which makes them one of the popular options for smart packaging, storing, and shipping. The following are a few factors that will help you understand it better.

  • Sturdy Construction: Like other wooden shipping crates, we make these knock down crates using high-quality wooden material, and this makes them sturdy, durable, and useful. The wooden material is heat treated to remove pests and can withstand moisture, too.
  • Easy to Ship: The crates are offered in several easy-to-assemble parts with constructed panels and base, which makes them easy to ship.
  • Easy to Stack: The knock down wooden crates can be easily dismantled when not in use, and stacked. This feature makes them cost and space effective in the long run.
  • Ideal to Stock Seasonal Products and Tradeshow Collaterals: The knock down crates can be transported to tradeshow venues for displaying several small and large items. They can be easily assembled and disassembled depending on the requirement. These crates can be used in warehouses that stock both – seasonal and regular use items. Manufacturers can dismantle these crates after use and stock it till the next season.
  • Renewable Resource: Wood used for building these crates is a renewable resource and can be reused in different ways even post their shelf life. This helps reduce the wastage that is sent to the landfill. This also helps reduce the number of trees cut. Most wood materials that we use for building these crates would decompose completely in few years. These factors make them a smart choice for packaging, stocking, and shipping.

Wholesale Knock Down Wood Crates

We regularly work with clients with diverse challenging storage and packaging requirements, which is why we can meet any requirement efficiently. A large percentage of our clients ship their products frequently, which makes them buy wooden shipping crates in bulk. Knowing this, we offer them special prices on knock down crates, which allows them to save on their packaging investments and purchases. Feel free to reach us via phone or email  in case of any special requirements. Our team would happily assist you. All the wooden shipping crates are entirely designed and manufactured in our state-of-art facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County.