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Self Locking Mailer Boxes

Self Locking Mailer Boxes

Self-locking mailers are ideal for shipping a wide range of products. These mailing boxes have gained immense popularity in recent years as they do not need any accessories like glue, tape, or stapler for assembling. These mailer boxes can be closed easily and they can hold products with maximum security. The boxes are designed such that they do not open easily even if exposed to high forces. At BlueRose Packaging, we provide self-locking mailing boxes in custom configurations. These mailing boxes are made of corrugated material and make a reliable packaging option in most scenarios. You can get in touch with our team today to discuss specific requirements for self-locking mailing boxes. Our team would assist you with the right specifications.

Wholesale Self-locking Mailer Boxes

Customer satisfaction is a key priority for us. We love to offer the best pricing on all our products. We often process large orders for customized self-locking mailer boxes. Our high volume capacity combined with our strong supply chain relationships allows us to offer the best pricing to clients. So, if you are looking for good-quality wholesale self-locking mailing boxes, then BlueRose Packaging is the best choice. Like all other packaging solutions, these mailing boxes are developed in-house in our manufacturing facility at California. This allows us to assure quality and quick turnaround times in the industry

Our Self-locking Mailer Box Design and Manufacturing Capabilities  

There are many manufacturers specializing in self-locking mailer boxes, but we believe the following features of our boxes make them stand apart.

  • The mailer boxes are manufactured using A, B, C, D, and F thick corrugated stock. Our experts will help customers choose the right stock depending on their application requirements.
  • These boxes can be produced in custom shapes and sizes with attractive prints, which makes them ideal for most businesses.
  • We work with a wide range of materials including corrugated cardboard, cardstock, recycled BuxBoard, and Kraft.
  • The boxes can be coated with gloss or matt as per the requirement.
  • We can perform debossing, embossing, spot UV, and foil stamping.
  • Our experts can provide electronic proofs such as flat views or 3D mock-ups in quick turnaround times, however, hardcopy proofing is only available on request. We can also provide digital proofs without any major finishing.
  • We can print these boxes in PMS and CMYK.

Benefits of Choosing Self-locking Mailer Boxes

At BlueRose Packaging, we keep ourselves abreast with the changing trends and technologies. Our experts have noticed a surge in demand for self-locking mailer boxes in recent years. We believe the following factors have contributed to their popularity.

  1. The self-locking mailer boxes are made of corrugated material, which makes them eco-friendly. These mailer boxes can be used multiple times before discarding and they do not harm the environment or soil.
  2. These boxes are more cost-effective than regular letter packages as the latter requires multiple pieces as well as handling.
  3. Users can easily fold these boxes by making an in-line press. If the package requires any add-ons, which the user has forgotten to add and has realized later, then they can open the box or create perforations to insert them.
  4. Self-locking mailing boxes can be customized in any dimensions, colors, and printed information, which makes them appealing for businesses that may be looking to ship small, yet precious items.
  5. Their unique designs and sizes make them more appropriate for small- and mid-sized businesses that may be looking to make an impression on customers’ minds. These boxes can be easily customized with a wide range of information including vouchers, coupons, and perforated response forms can be inserted.
  6. These boxes can be easily handed to customers at sales events inspiring them to take specific actions such as visiting a website, placing limited-time orders, or visiting the website.
  7. These self-locking mailer boxes are usually sealed at the edges, which helps protect the item inside from damage. It is not recommended for extremely private documents.