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Trade Show Shipping Crates

Trade Show Shipping Crates

Trade shows are an excellent platform to showcase your products. Nowadays, more and more businesses participate in various online and offline trade shows held across the US and other parts of the globe. They are indirect drivers of business growth, attracting clients as well as talented resources, and reaching out to maximum people related or unrelated to your sector. However, if you have physical products and tools to carry for showcasing or offering live demos, you need to pack them carefully and place them in trade show crates to transport them to the trade show venue. Also, once you reach the venue, you need to neatly arrange them to display them in a crate which is almost like a portable cupboard that you can place at the booth. This arrangement makes it easy to safely pack them back. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer custom trade show shipping crates based on client requirements in terms of weight, size and the type of product. We believe every business requirement is unique, and there is no standard size that fits everything. This is a major factor for our expertise in customization apart from our experience of working with clients from diverse sectors. We offer wholesale pricing for all the bulk orders of trade show crates. Quality of the product has never been an issue with us, and we also offer quick turnaround times.

Features of our Trade Show Shipping Crates

Our trade show crates are made of plywood, and come with proper doors and hinges, with parts made according to the product size. Here are some features of our trade show crates.

  • These sturdy cupboard-like boxes are lined with hinges on sides to facilitate opening and closing.
  • The content information is printed on one of the doors in the front.
  • While these act as cupboards on your booth, during transit, your valuable items are secured well inside them with the help of saddles, steel plates, foams, and so on.
  • The panels inside are removable and can be adjusted based on the length and size of the product.
  • We add wooden gussets in the corners of the crate to offer rigidity and strength.
  • If there is bulky material inside and requires a forklift or alike tools to unload them, we screw-in steel plates at those junctures to prevent wear and tear of the wooden crate.
  • We also add cleats on the outer sides of the crate for efficient panel fastening.
  • The plywood panels are at least half an inch in thickness which makes them ideal for heavy payloads.
  • We can design trade show boxes to make them accessible to forklifts from all sides. This is because the handling of these crates is not done by an individual but an entire team involved in the show.
  • We paint trade show crates in the required colors based on the client preferences. This increases the lifespan of the crate by avoiding direct exposure to sunrays, radiation, and moisture.
  • We use heavy-duty wheels or casters depending on the payloads as it offers convenience and makes portability and movement easy.
  • While most of trade show crates are pushed and pulled while loading or transporting, we offer runners which prevent the box from going off track or skid in error. This may damage the crate. So thin sheets of ply are applied on the bottom surface which keep the skids in place.
  • We offer surface-mountable locking systems for the trade show crates which keep the products inside safe during transit.

Custom Trade Show Crates Options

You would require trade show shipping crates for any business, regardless of the sector. Since the products, parts, and tools would vary in size, lengths, and weights, your packaging requirements would be different. This is where partnering with us can help. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer customized trade show crates as per your requirements and budget. We offer good deals for bulk orders even if it means making crates of varied dimensions as part of a single order.

We design and manufacture our trade show crates entirely at our well-equipped facility in Southern California. We have an extremely resourceful team that takes care of all the questions you may have regarding materials, pricing, and so on. In case of any questions, enquiries, or sharing, or requirements, you can reach us on phone or email.

Benefits of the Trade Show Crates We offer

There are many benefits of using our trade show shipping crates. Here are some of them.

  • These crates are extremely robust and durable.
  • They can be reused multiple times because of their sturdiness.
  • They are quite easy to use and custom made to suit your requirements.
  • When there are no trade shows, they can be used as temporary storage units for everything from documents to parts and products.
  • You can use the front painted portion creatively to write promotional content.
  • The wheels we use surpass the payload capacity and make it very easy for one person to simply pull the crate on the ramp, stage, and so on.

Applications of Our Trade Show Shipping Crates

There is one common application of trade show crates and which is transporting your products at the trade show venue and back. However, since they are custom made, they are applicable for almost all sectors such as:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electrical appliances
  • Cosmetics
  • Packaged food