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UVI Stretch Films

UVI Stretch Films

There are environmental parameters that affect a packaging material and in turn the product or contents inside. One such parameter is UV light. It is essential to safeguard the contents from UV light and hence, it is crucial to choose the right packaging type which easily resists UV light. Stretch films are a widely used packaging material and are available in various types. Hence, if you have a product that is sensitive to UV light, you need to choose a film with UVI or ultraviolet inhibitor for packaging. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a variety of options in UVI stretch films, in terms of thickness, length, and so on.  This kind of packaging is certainly useful for products in transit as well as for storing them on pallet racks in an outdoor environment where the products may be exposed to sun and heat. This is a great packaging option for long-term storage.

UVI Stretch Films Offered at BlueRose Packaging

Our clear and transparent UVI stretch films are highly durable and can withstand all the harsh environmental parameters including UV rays. Thus, they prevent photo degradation of the packaged contents. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a variety of these UVI films with distinct features. Here are some of the common features.

  • Our films have UVI inhibiting feature, which means they inhibit UV rays and not simply resist or withstand.
  • The plastic we use is 100% recyclable and hence we reduce the carbon footprint by shunning single use plastic.
  • Our highly durable films have a good load retention capacity and are machine wrap films which are tougher than hand wraps.
  • The gage is around 80 for most films, while the width may vary from 18 to 20 inches. The length has a huge range between 1000 and 5000 feet.
  • All our plastic stretch films are tested in controlled conditions using weatherometers, which makes it reliable for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your UVI Stretch Film Requirements

There are many benefits of using UVI stretch films as well as partnering with us for your packaging requirements. Here are some pointers regarding both these aspects.

  • Most regular plastic stretch films absorb heat and UV rays. This leads to a change in their chemical formulation and structure. Aside from sunlight, some old incandescent or fluorescent lighting systems emit UV rays; hence, such stretch films are useful in indoor storage units with this type of lighting. We add quality and safe additives for UV inhibiting feature in the plastic films, so they are safe for use, and do not develop cracks or wear out when exposed to sunlight for a long time.
  • We offer a variety of such films and even custom make them to suit your specifications. We have developed this expertise after several years of research, experience, and catering to requirements of diverse clients. So, you can be rest assured about the quality and precision required.
  • We are totally focused on quality and have stringent testing procedures in place. All our films are checked thoroughly in terms of their stretch capacity, wear resistance, UV inhibiting capability, and so on. Hence, you can totally rely on us in terms of quality, accuracy, and precision.
  • We ensure on-time deliveries and offer fast turnaround times. This is done without compromising on the quality. It helps our clients in many ways such as meeting the demand for their product on time, early time to market, and so on.

Custom and Wholesale UVI Stretch Film Options We Offer

As mentioned, we are experts in customization, which we offer in terms of length, thickness, color, materials used, and so on. We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders, and this is applicable even if you have different requirements in terms of length, thickness, and so on.

At BlueRose Packaging, we standard and custom UVI stretch films entirely at our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California. Our highly efficient and experienced team understands your requirements before they finalize the layout. After your basic approval, we offer you a quick quote. We answer all the questions you may have before the final go-ahead. Also, we offer samples and prototypes if required to give you an idea about how the film will be like. In case you have any further questions, need to make an enquiry, or share your requirements, you can contact us via phone or email.