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VCI Stretch Films

Stretch films are commonly used for packaging; however, certain products need to be packaged carefully as they may be prone to corrosion, abrasion, or other damages due to environmental parameters. To avoid these effects, VCI stretch films are used. VCI films combine the advantages of stretch film technology with the additional benefit of corrosion inhibition. VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) stretch films are specially designed stretch films to pack machines, iron components, other metallic parts, and so on. At BlueRose Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging options including VCI stretch films. We have several years of experience catering to diverse packaging requirements across industries. This has helped us develop expertise in customization. We offer custom VCI stretch films to cater to exact specifications of our clients. Also, our stretch films are ecofriendly and recyclable.

Features of VCI Stretch Films Offered at BlueRose Packaging

At BlueRose Packaging, we offer end-to-end packaging solutions tailor made to suit your requirements, and with VCI stretch films we protect your product from corrosion and other reactions. Here are some beneficial features of our eco-friendly VCI stretch films.

  • Our VCI films are highly stretchable and yet strong and durable. They do not tear easily and can cling well to the product.
  • These films are injected with volatile corrosion inhibitors, which emit molecules on the settle on the surfaces of the metal and create a barrier that inhibits corrosion.
  • The inhibitors in these stretch films will continue to protect the packaged product even after it has been opened and closed again.
  • With our stretch films, you can safely store your metallic parts and not bother about rust, color change, and so on due to any external parameters. You can safely store them up to five years.
  • These films are typically designed for packaging heavy machines, engineering equipment, automotive parts, and various metallic parts of all sizes and shapes.
  • We offer our films in various thickness gages ranging from 60 to 120 and beyond. The length of a roll goes from 5 to 20 feet and beyond if required.
  • Usually made of polyethylene, these VCI stretch films are easy to handle. They can be made for automated as well as manual use. This means we offer hand grade as well as machine grade films, wherein the roll lengths and heights are decided accordingly.
  • Usually, machine grade films are required for very large scale packaging volumes, while hand grade films are preferred for low to moderate volumes, wherein a worker needs to manually pack a product by walking around the roll and wrapping.

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your VCI Stretch Film Requirements

As mentioned, we make custom VCI stretch films which perfectly suit your requirements. Here are some benefits of partnering with us for your stretch film requirements.

  • We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders even if you place an order for multiple sizes or lengths. We offer customization in terms of material, length, thickness, width, flexibility of the film, and so on. These details are finalized only after a thorough discussion and requirement gathering process.
  • We also offer prototypes which helps make changes if any at the initial stage. We go ahead with the full volume production only after the final approval from the client.
  • While we are capable of high volume production runs, we do accept low volume or prototype orders as well.
  • You need not worry about the quality of our films and can totally rely on us as far as quick turnaround times, quality, and accuracy are concerned. Our VCI films are tested for their corrosion inhibiting abilities using various techniques. They are tested for overall resistance to environmental parameters, vibration, strain, and so on.
  • Our well-equipped facility and advanced equipment allow us to manufacture at high speeds without compromising on quality. Hence, we can assure fast turnaround times irrespective of the volume and types of films you require.
  • We offer excellent aftersales support and maintenance services. Also, we have an excellent technical team to clarify all your doubts regarding the films we offer.

At BlueRose Packaging, we manufacture eco-friendly VCI stretch films entirely at our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California. Our team of experts meet you to understand your requirements, and decide upon the type of plastic, thickness, and so on. They also offer assistance to select the right gage depending on your requirements. You can share your requirements with us and we can offer you end-to-end solutions for the same. In case you have any questions or need to make an enquiry, you can contact us via phone or email.